Washington D C: A Nest Of Spies And Sleaze

In his post, Obama Administration Looks To Be In Very Serious Legal Trouble AJ Strata discusses the severity of Obama’s illegal activities in great detail.

These high stakes may also explain the irrational fear and hate by the democrat leadership we have seen in their scorched-Earth actions since the election. Events may be unraveling on them big time, events that started last summer in a very different world. More

Apparently, the level of arrogance in the Obama WH was so high that its members felt they could get away with anything, which they more less had been doing for the past eight years.

They certainly did not count on the necessity of dealing with the Trump Train juggernaut.

At the very end of the following excerpts and links, there is a video of an interview with an ex CIA analyst and the text is directly below.

A Pre-Election Tweet Indicates Hillary Was Aware of Trump Tower Wiretapping
By TruthFeedNews March 6, 2017

..See the damning tweet below and draw your own conclusions. We believe she 100% knew the wiretapping was taking place.

Let’s not forget former Bush Attorney General Mukasey believes the wiretapping was ordered by Loretta Lynch.

The same Loretta Lynch whose was busted holding a sleazy secret meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac.

They weren’t just talking about grandchildren.

Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank. pic.twitter.com/8f8n9xMzUU

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) November 1, 2016 More

Host Chris Wallace of “Fox News Sunday”

spent most of his Sunday show on the subject of whether there is any evidence of Trump officials colluding with Russia to affect the 2016 presidential election. “On the Russian collusion, there’s a lot of smoke, no evidence,” said panelist Bob Woodward of Washington Post Watergate fame.

But we do have substantial evidence of media collusion with the U.S. intelligence community.

“Few understand the CIA and espionage culture as well as [David] Ignatius,” Woodward once said of his colleague, a foreign affairs columnist for the paper. These comments are significant. Ignatius is the Post journalist who received an illegal leak of classified information regarding Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn’s conversations with the Russian ambassador. The disclosure led to Flynn’s resignation as Trump’s national security adviser.

The leak and its publication on January 12 were both illegal actions under the law. Continue

THE SMOKING GUN: NYT story that reported Obama spying on Trump over alleged ties to Russian bank by Alex Christoforou discusses some troublesome details

We are now finding out that Barack Obama may have been the brains behind Hillary Clinton’s “Trump-Russia” election narrative, as mounting evidence is coming to light showing former POTUS Obama going to great lengths to spy on then candidate Trump, and push US intelligence agencies to leak such findings to the mainstream media.

For the record, as we noted, via the NYT article, the FBI found nothing to connect Trump to Russia.

What is disturbing is that the Obama Administration seems to have kept the wiretap of Trump in place, long after the FBI concluded that NO connection between Russia and Trump came to bear Continue

Did this one get by the public? President And Congress Extend FISA Wiretapping Act To 2017

Well, what can we say about this: James Clapper, Who Lied to Congress About NSA Spying, Says Obama Didn’t Spy on Trump or this: James Comey: Is FBI Playing CYA with Latest Statement on Wiretaps?

IF this is true, the plot is now as thick as mud! Russia has information that Democrats used tax-dollars to pay for anti-Trump protests

Ah, so this must be why the Democrats are always trying to blame Russia for hacking the election, when in fact it was Obama himself who did. Turns out Russia could blackmail some politicians in this country. But not Donald Trump as Democrats and their media surrogates like to claim. Seems the Russians are seeking “hush-money” from liberal Democrat groups, or they will release documents that show Democrats used tax payer money to fund all those anti-Trump violent protesters that the media just eats up.

Now why would so-called “progressive” groups be in possession of secretive information that they’d be subjected to blackmail? At least a dozen liberal Democrat groups face extortion threats from Russia. I wonder if PizzaGate is involved some how?

Russian hackers are targeting U.S. progressive groups in a new wave of attacks, scouring the organizations’ emails for embarrassing details and attempting to extract hush money, according to two people familiar with probes being conducted by the FBI and private security firms.continue

We should not be surprised by this entire sordid affair, which is undoubtedly the D. C. norm, but we can most assuredly be disgusted.

Below is a video, or if you prefer to read text, it is below.
Interview Larry Johnson Former CIA Analyst and State Department Official:

President Trump’s “Wire Tapping Accusations Are Serious”

Directly On You Tube  If you prefer

Interview Larry Johnson Former CIA Analyst and State Department Official: President Trump’s “Wire Tapping Accusations Are Serious”

Interviewer: Obama operatives have stated “No one ever ordered surveillance of any citizen.” Is this a big deal?

CIA Analyst Johnson: “Huge deal.’ [President] Trump probably should not have done this via twitter because to call it a “wiretap” is technically inaccurate. And the denials by the Obama people are like Bill Clinton’s asking what the meaning of is is with respect to was oral sex a sexual act.

In this case, from very good friends [in the CIA & NSA], that what happened was, both John Brennon [Director of the Central Intelligence Agency] and James Clapper [Director of National Intelligence], were intimately involved in trying to derail the candidacy of Donald Trump. There was some collusion overseas by Britain’s own GHCQ (Intelligence Agency). Information from GHCQ was actually passed to John Brennon and disseminated within the U.S. government. This dissemination was illegal. Donald Trump is in essence is correct, “that the intelligence agencies and some in the law enforcement community on the side of the FBI were, in fact, illegally trying to access, monitor his communications with his aides and with other people.” All this, with an end, to try to destroy and discredit his Presidency. I don’t think there will be any doubt in this.

It is worth noting that the head of the National Security Agency, Admiral Rogers, made a journey to Trump Tower shortly after Trump had won. And in the immediate aftermath of his visit, Jim Clapper and others in the Intelligence Community called for him [Rogers] to be fired.

Now why did Admiral Rogers go to Trump Tower? My understanding is to “cover himself” because he was aware that the NSA Authorities had misused and abused with respect to Donald Trump.

So I think [President] Trump’s decision to go out this morning to tweet this was fully “intended to send a notice to send a word.” I don’t think he is doing this without evidence. I think it was unartfully expressed in the tweet.

Interviewer: No evidence of this entire Russia debacle. Will we see firm evidence?

CIA Analyst Johnson: There is no evidence on the side of Russia meddling in the U.S. elections. And you had Brent Badowsky on earlier. I wish you would ask him a basic question: 1. What specifically did Russia do that influenced the U.S. Election? The answer is nothing. A. Russia did not set up front companies. B. Russia did not provide money to the Trump campaign so that they could buy advertising.

C. Russia did not provide advisors direct or indirect as cut outs to advise Trump on how to defeat Hillary Clinton. [These] are the classic things we would see [for evidence of Russia influence in our elections].

Does Russia run intelligence operations against United States? Yes. Does U.S. do that against Russia? Yes. But this is an entirely completely different matter. So I think what we are seeing here is, some think it is an exaggeration. But I do not. There is a genuine effort to try to take out and defeat Donald Trump even in the aftermath of his election. There are still senior people in jobs at the Director of National Intelligence Agency, Office of Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Agency.

[From these organizations], Intelligence executives . . . ought to be fired. They should be marched right out of the door.

Interviewer: There is evidence there: But Donald Trump, on the defense will [he] be able to fight the established media, Intelligence Agencies, Schumer, and will he be able to produce the evidence and take the upper hand in this?

CIA Analyst Johnson: This is a coordinated, organized effort. Obama remnants were shocked that Trump won. They genuinely thought that they could do things and plant information in the press that would put so much pressure on him that he would not be able to take the Oath of Office.

And those efforts back fired. That was one of the reasons that the so-called dossier on Trump’s alleged misbehavior was leaked.

All of this was a part of a coordinated, planned campaign by people that are linked to Barrack Obama. Now, did Obama pick up the phone and tell Jim Clapper or John Brennon to do x, y, or z? No. I don’t think that is the clear case. My understanding is Obama did give the green light, when he was briefed on information come from British GHCQ to U.S. Intelligence official, to start distributing that in an improper way.

So this [investigation] has to be done in a very methodical way. Because there could very well be criminal charges brought against former members of Obama administration for what they have done.

What they are doing would fall under the definition of sedition, which I realize sounds very alarmist. But the reality is these are not isolated events generated by actions that have been taken by Donald Trump & his surrogates. These are actions that are being generated by opponents of Donald Trump trying to force actions out of the Trump Team.

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