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The profiles that follow illustrate how individuals across a wide range of fields advance Islamist ideas. They were chosen for their prominence and the damage they have inflicted. This is by no means a complete list and will be updated and expanded in the future.

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Executive Summary

Americans have lived with the threat of attack by jihadi groups for nearly four decades. Despite this clear and present danger, some non-Muslim commentators, politicians, and other public figures challenge the idea that Islamism, a radical political ideology with ambitions of global conquest, has anything to do with this violence. We call such persons useful infidels (a variation on “useful idiots,” a term widely attributed to Lenin).

Useful infidels employ various methods. Some seek to redefine the threat by arguing that ISIS killers should not be described as Muslim terrorists out of fear that doing so would provide “the type of Islamic legitimacy that they are so desperately seeking, but which they don’t deserve at all.” Others seek to distract from the Islamist threat by claiming there is a deluge of anti-Muslim hate crimes or non-Muslim threats of violence where few exist.

Some cooperate with Islamist groups, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Others focus on depriving law enforcement of the necessary training and resources to recognize and counter Islamist threats. Or they legitimize Islamists as the only representative and acceptable face of American Islam, to the detriment of moderate Muslims, who are ignored and powerless.

Many useful infidels defame those who speak up about the threat of Islamism, both Muslim and non-Muslim, often accusing them of bigotry and claiming their critique, and not Islamism itself, is the cause of jihad, extremism, and violence. Some go so far as to compile blacklists of those accused of this alleged thought crime.

This demonization has painful consequences by confusing Americans and making them fearful to speak up. Those fighting the threat of Islamism, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, need to express themselves freely, without fear of their reputations or livelihoods destroyed because they stand up to a totalitarian ideology.

The media having an especially important role to unmask useful infidels, this handbook helps journalists in particular to recognize how useful infidels operate to shape public discourse on Islamism and to mainstream specious views. Non-journalists will also find it helpful to understand the hitherto-obscure function of useful infidels. We hope that journalists and scholars alike will build on this first analytic building block.

1. Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck has risen to become one of his generation’s most celebrated movie stars and filmmakers since co-writing the Oscar-winning screenplay for the 1997 film Good Will Hunting. Affleck subsequently appeared in a series of blockbuster films, such as 1998’s Armageddon, 2001’s Pearl Harbor, and 2002’s The Sum of All Fears, which made him an A-list celebrity. After a decline in his acting career, he rebounded as a director, notably for the Oscar-winning Argo (2012).

Affleck has eagerly used his celebrity status to promote progressive views on issues ranging from gay marriage to the minimum wage and universal healthcare, while donating time and money to the Democratic Party and an assortment of philanthropic and progressive causes.

Affleck has gained the most attention accusing others of bias toward the Arab-Islamic world. During an October 2014 debate on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Affleck famously called the anti-Islamist views expressed by Maher and fellow panelist Sam Harris “gross” and “racist … like saying, ‘you shifty Jew.'”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a prominent Islamist group named by federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator during the 2008 Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial, subsequently added Affleck to a list of individuals it deems worthy of thanks from Muslims.

In His Own Words:

  • “[T]he Arab terrorist thing has been done a million times in the movies.” — Applauding the decision by producers of his 2002 film The Sum of All Fears to replace the Palestinian Islamist villains of Tom Clancy’s novel with neo-Nazis. Slate, May 28, 2002.
  • “I think [the Middle East] is the most misunderstood part of the world by certain people in the United States. … There is a perception in some circles that Islam is inherently more violent than Christianity, that this notion of jihad is inherent in Islam and leads Muslims to be more brutal than Christians. I think that is false.” — Agence France Presse, December 24, 2003.
  • Bill Maher: “You’re trying to say … that’s all the problem is, these few bad apples. The idea that someone should be killed if they leave the Islamic religion is just a few bad apples?”
    Affleck: “The people who would actually believe in that you murder someone if they leave Islam is not the majority of Muslims at all.” — Real Time with Bill Maher, HBO, October 3, 2014. (According to a 2013 Pew poll, the percentage of Muslims who support the death penalty for apostates from Islam is 79 percent in Afghanistan, 76 percent in Pakistan, 86 percent in Egypt, and 82 percent in Jordan.)
  • “ISIS couldn’t fill a Double A ballpark in Charleston, West Virginia, and you want to make a career out of ISIS, ISIS, ISIS.” — Directed at Sam Harris. Real Time with Bill Maher, HBO, October 3, 2014. (As Politifact pointed out, the only such facility in Charleston is Appalachian Power Park, which has a maximum seating capacity of 4,500 for games, less than a fourth of what was then the most recent CIA estimate of ISIS fighting strength.)

2. Christiane Amanpour


Christiane Amanpour serves as CNN’s chief international correspondent. Hired by CNN in 1983, she gained widespread notice for her coverage of the 1990-1991 Gulf War and the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia.

Criticized by the New York Times for her emotional reporting and anti-Serbian speculation during the siege of Sarajevo, Amanpour later insisted this did not compromise her objectivity. “I now say truthful, not neutral. There is a difference here. Truthful is bringing the truth. Neutral can be creating a false equivalence between this side and that.”

Amanpour sparked considerable controversy with her 2007 series CNN Presents: God’s Warriors, which drew equivalency between Islamist terrorists and Israeli settlers. Even liberal MSNBC host Dan Abrams accused the veteran journalist of the “worst type of moral relativism” for failing to “distinguish between Islamic terrorists who utilize fierce violence to achieve warped goals, and the merely fiercely religious or even just those who fiercely believe in the state of Israel.”

In Her Own Words:

  • “The impact of God’s Jewish warriors goes far beyond these rocky hills. The Jewish settlements have inflamed much of the Muslim world.” — CNN Presents: God’s Warriors, CNN, August 21, 2007.
  • “The top Republican candidates have decided to make a war on Muslims — you know, 1.5 billion members of another faith.” — CNN, September 24, 2015.

3. Karen Armstrong


Karen Armstrong is a popular author and prominent commentator on religion. Born in 1944 in Great Britain, she became a nun at age 17 but left the convent seven years later as a nonbeliever with claims of physical and psychological abuse. She told her story in the autobiographical Through the Narrow Gate in 1981 and shifted toward a career in teaching, writing, and broadcasting.

Two of Armstrong’s books charted the path she would take in the coming decades as a public intellectual: 1991’s Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet, which won the Muslim Public Affairs Council Media Award, and 1993’s A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Armstrong believes that Islamist terror is motivated by “humiliation” caused by colonial abuse of the Muslim world and continued Western support for repressive Arab regimes and Israel. “Every fundamentalist movement that I’ve studied, in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, is rooted in a profound fear of annihilation.”

Actions Speak Louder:

  • Armstrong spoke at the 2012 annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an organization originally founded by Muslim Brotherhood activists and named as a co-conspirator in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation trial.

In Her Own Words:

  • “The West has to share a responsibility for what is happening in the Middle East. If it had not persecuted the Jews, there would not have been the need for the creation of the State of Israel. The Muslim world did nothing to the Jews, and the Palestinians are paying the price for the sins of Europe.” — Interview with Al-Ahram, July 4-10, 2002.
  • “[W]hen I saw the towers fall on September 11, one of the many, many thoughts that went through my head was, ‘We helped to do this.’ The way we split up these states, created these nation-states that ISIS is pulling asunder, showed absolutely no regard for the people concerned.” — Interview with Salon, November 23, 2014.
  • Salon: “When you hear, for example, Sam Harris and Bill Maher recently arguing that there’s something inherently violent about Islam — Sam Harris said something like ‘Islam is the motherlode of bad ideas’ — when you hear something like that, how do you respond?”
    Armstrong: “It fills me with despair, because this is the sort of talk that led to the concentration camps in Europe. This is the kind of thing people were saying about Jews in the 1930s and ’40s in Europe.” — Interview with Salon, November 23, 2014.
  • “My problem with some current critics of Islam is that their criticism is neither accurate, fair, nor well-informed. I am sure they do not intend this, but in the 1930s and ’40s in Europe, we learned how dangerous and ultimately destructive this kind of discourse could be.” — Interview with the New York Times, December 26, 2014.

4. Max Blumenthal


Max Blumenthal, the son of Clinton family confidante Sidney Blumenthal, is a controversial author, journalist, and partisan provocateur. During the administration of George W. Bush, Blumenthal found his home at the flagship publication of the left, the Nation, carving a niche for himself by critiquing and exposing various segments of the American right. These articles formed the basis of his first book, 2009’s Republican Gomorrah: Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party.

After the Obama administration took office, Blumenthal shifted his focus to Israel and became an outspoken supporter of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement. His 2013 book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel drew condemnation even from left-wing critics of Israel. The Nation‘s Eric Alterman blasted the book, claiming it “could have been published by the Hamas Book-of-the-Month Club (if it existed).”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has listed Blumenthal as one of the country’s most prominent anti-Semites. Tablet has described his work as “anti-Zionist polemic dripping with cartoon-like, racially weighted depictions of Israeli Jews. What distinguishes him from many other anti-Zionist writers is not his political views, but the obsessive nature of his work, which seems animated not by moral passion or analysis but by hate.”

Max’s reputation has crossed oceans: in 2014, the leaders of Germany’s main socialist party condemned the “well-known anti-Semitic journalist Max Blumenthal.”

Blumenthal sees so-called “Islamophobia” as a conspiracy by the pro-Israel lobby.

Actions Speak Louder:

  • In June 2015, Blumenthal appeared with and was photographed alongside Asim Qureshi, a supporter of the radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir. Qureshi has urged British Muslims to “support the jihad of our brothers and sisters [abroad] when they are facing the oppression of the West.”
  • Blumenthal has appeared as a speaker at numerous fundraising banquets for CAIR.

In His Own Words:

  • “Little of recent American Islamophobia (with a strong emphasis on the ‘phobia’) is sheer happenstance. Years before … the Jewish-American establishment launched a campaign against pro-Palestinian campus activism that would prove a seedbed for everything to come. That campaign quickly — and perhaps predictably — morphed into a series of crusades against mosques and Islamic schools which, in turn, attracted an assortment of shady but exceptionally energetic militants into the network’s ranks.” —, December 19, 2010.
  • “Steven Emerson supplies all of the research for the Islamophobia bloggers … He basically claimed in this documentary that there were terror cells inside the U.S., which led to round-ups and prosecutions of Muslim leaders like Sami Al-Arian and the Holy Land Foundation. And all of these prosecutions have been completely discredited. These figures had no links to terror in any direct way, and yet some of them have been thrown in jail.” — Press TV

5. John Brennan Continue reading


On the face of it, the denial of Islamic terrorist acts and the presence of jihadis on American soil appears to be either stupid or insane. Is it?

Every attack by a so-called lone wolf is said to be anything but Islamic related. After 9/11, our intelligence agencies both foreign and domestic were excoriated for not “connecting the dots”, not sharing information with each other, and utterly lacking the ability to foresee such an event.
After the creation of the DHS such interactions improved.  Did that help? Yes up  to a point. We have not had another 9/11 type event on American soil. Enter  the Orwellian meme regarding “The Religion Of Peace”, charges of racism, and Islamophobia became the trendy narrative of the complicit and the clueless. 

What happened? Was there a fear of backlash against peaceful Muslims living in America?  Did such Muslims rise up in unison and denounce the acts of those who “hi-jacked” their religion? Did powerful Muslims groups work behind the scenes to infiltrate the government until by the end of Obama’s first term, DC was a de facto arm of the MB?

Just who does this administration answer to? The American people, or to the elites and their agenda.

The following post from The Conservative Review raises some cogent points on the issue.

Obama and AG Lynch have created a safe space for jihadis to operate in America 

Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s latest “interfaith” outreach effort is a shining example of the alternative universe the progressives inhabit, with grave consequences for our nation.

To hear her tell it during an address delivered on December 12 at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center, America is in the throes of a dangerous anti-Islamic wave that threatens to tear the nation apart. Prefacing her remarks by noting that the present “has been a difficult time for many Muslim Americans,” Lynch delivered a speech, hewing perfectly to the Obama administration narrative on Islam.

She asserted that in the march toward perfecting an imperfect union, America still had its shortcomings, with 2015 FBI hate crime statistics showing “perhaps most troublingly of all … a 67 percent increase in hate crimes committed against Muslim Americans, and the highest total of anti-Muslim incidents since 2001, when 9/11 spurred so many reprehensible acts.”

Per usual, AG Lynch failed to note that despite this relatively drastic increase, anti-Islamic crimes accounted for 21.9 percent of the 1,402 victims of all anti-religious hate crimes — that is, just over 300 people in a country of more than 300 million. Anti-Jewish hate crimes meanwhile accounted for the majority of all anti-religious hate crimes at 52.1 percent.

The Obama administration has never made an issue of the anti-Jewish hate crimes, mind you, nor has it acknowledged just how tolerant and peaceful our nation actually is: 1,402 victims of hate crimes in a nation of more than 300 million people is a very welcome rounding error reflective of the goodness of our people.

Threatening electors violates federal law. So why isn’t Loretta Lynch doing anything about it?

Lynch noted the “flurry of recent news reports about alleged hate crimes and harassment — from hijabs yanked off of women’s heads to swastikas sprayed on the sides of synagogues to slurs and epithets hurled in classrooms,” reassuring the audience that the FBI was on the case. She ignored that in the supposed post-Trump conflagration of hate, many of these incidents have been proven to be hoaxes. There is a history of those on the Left in particular pushing a narrative about Islamophobic hate crimes, which frequently turn out to be fabrications, as CR’s own Michelle Malkin has illustrated.

[Author’s note: Coincidentally, just after this story was published, one of the more egregious and widely reported such stories of a supposedly Trump-inspired anti-Islamic attack was found to be a hoax.]

None of this is to downplay Lynch’s remarks, but it’s necessary to add the context she quite tellingly left out. Such omissions show where Lynch’s priorities stand: focusing on the supposed anti-Islamic behavior of Americans over all else, including the metastasization of Islamic supremacism — as represented for example, in the ISIS investigations her FBI was conducting in all 50 states — which threatens us all.

Or are jihadist attacks not hateful and intended to undermine our fundamental rights too? Never does the Obama administration present evidence that Muslims are being killed in hate crimes in numbers anywhere near the victims of jihadist attacks in our country. Nor of course does AG Lynch talk about more taboo subjects like female genital mutilation or honor killings (which occur disproportionately in the Muslim community), the latter which yield an estimated 23-27 victims per year, more than the 18 individuals murdered in all hate crimes in 2015.

Let me restate that: There are more estimated honor killings than hate crime murders per year in America.

Next, Lynch suggested that Muslim Americans were being “targeted and demonized simply because of their faith … due to the actions of those who pervert” Islam. On what authority does Lynch get to determine what constitutes “perverting Islam?” To the best of our knowledge, she is not an expert in Islamic jurisprudence. Far more important, if jihadists say that they are acting on behalf of Allah and can cite chapter and verse in Islamic law backing their cause, does it matter what Lynch thinks represents true Islam?

The end of the Obama administration cannot come soon enough. Undoing its damage will require a sea change that begins with turning the progressive-Islamist narrative on its head.

During her address, Lynch went on to speak about the importance of protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community (rights not recognized under Islamic law), the importance of preserving the Bill of Rights and freedom generally (yet hinting she might prosecute Americans over “incredibly disturbing rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric”), and the parallels between the plight of Muslims and that of slaves and other discriminated groups (in spite of the apartheid nature of the Sharia-based Islamic world under which minorities are subjugated, and slavery itself literally still exists).

It should be noted that Lynch took the stage to speak about the importance of our shared American ideals — freedom, equality and tolerance — following a welcome from Imam Mohamed Magid, the executive director of the ADAMS Center.

Imam Magid happens to be the former president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an organization founded by Muslim Brotherhood members and classified by federal prosecutors as being among the “individuals/entities who are and/or were members of the US Muslim Brotherhood” during the Holy Land Foundation jihadist financing case that concluded in 2008. This was the largest terrorism financing prosecution in American history over a criminal conspiracy that resulted in the funneling of $12 million to Hamas. In particular, the government showed ISNA associated not only with the Holy Land Foundation, but also the Islamic Association for Palestine and Hamas.

One would think the nation’s chief law enforcement officer might see the irony in speaking at an Islamic center led by an imam who presided over a Muslim Brotherhood-tied organization, given that the Brotherhood seeks to supplant our system based in individual liberty and the separation of church and state with one based in the totalitarian tenets of Sharia in which mosque and state are one.

But alas, it is clear that Lynch has no such concern. For Magid is a longtime partner of the Obama administration who worked on the Countering Violent Extremism paradigm, which as we have chronicled elsewhere, has served chiefly to create a safe space for jihadis to operate — to our great detriment.

The end of the Obama administration cannot come soon enough. Undoing its damage will require a sea change that begins with turning the progressive-Islamist narrative on its head.

Go here to the original posts and to see a short video by Michelle Malkin

  Source:  The Conservative Review

This post is more or less a compendium of links and excerpts detailing the entire subject of stealth Jihad and its progress in the U.S.

Unlike the violent attacks of the militant Islamists, stealth jihad is just that, a stealthy penetration of all of our social institutions.

Under the aegis of the present administration, not only has this been allowed, but encouraged and protected. Those who are concerned are, sigh, labeled Islamophobes. No discussion/disagreement allowed. Of course the Soros controlled MSM leads the way on this road of suicidal denial.

There is a great deal of information from the sites below which the MSM has deliberatly failed to convey.

Discover The Networks: Stealth Jihad

 Terrorist attacks that involve bombings and shootings are just one component of the jihad, or holy war, that Islamists are actively waging against infidels all over the world. Another component of that jihad consists of nonviolent initiatives which can be classified as stealth (or “soft”) jihad, whose goal is the imposition of Islamic law, Sharia, over every region of the earth by non-confrontational means. Under the banners of “tolerance” and “civil rights,” stealth jihadists introduce, in piecemeal fashion, elements of Sharia into Western societies and then demand that non-Muslims make allowance for those elements. Moreover, stealth jihadists smear those who dare to discuss the negative aspects of Sharia (and Islam) as “racists” and “Islamophobes.”  continue

Some examples of how stealth jihad has made inroads into U.S. and Western culture include the following:

 Frontpage Mag: The War Against Stealth Jihad

The term “stealth jihad” is a bit misleading. The stealth jihad groups may be stealthy, but they don’t operate underground. They have offices, spokesmen, PR people, legal teams, and impressive websites. They present themselves as moderate mainstream groups, and for the most part the media and administration officials accept them as such.

How do they operate? In general, they advertise themselves as civil rights advocates working to protect the rights of the “Muslim community.” Using the cover of civil rights activism, the stealth jihadists have been able to score some spectacular successes. In 2012, for example, more than 1,000 documents and presentations were purged from counterterror training programs for the FBI and other security agencies. This was done in response to pressure from Islamic advocacy groups who complained that the training policies were biased and offensive to Muslims. In effect, these Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups were given veto power over national security policy, and, as a result, investigative agencies were forced to limit themselves to politically correct policing.

America’s commitment to the dogma of political correctness is, in fact, the chief factor that accounts for the success of stealth jihad. The stealth jihadists are well-versed in the rules of political correctness, and they know how to use them to their own advantage. And if they can bend the federal government to their will by using these methods, they can certainly do the same to average citizens.


Americans warned: Invisible jihad occurring under our noses

“They use violent jihad, but they also use civilization jihad, which is a long-term form of sort of cultural jihad, so to speak, in which they infiltrate a country, a government from within … use the liberal immigration laws to their advantage and have their people not assimilate into the culture, but live in enclaves and sort of stick to themselves until they get enough numbers, until they build up their numbers, and then we see more violent jihad unfold at that point,” Hohmann explained to Elder.

Hohmann, author of the forthcoming book “Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad,” said the Obama administration has facilitated civilization jihad by importing tens of thousands of Muslim refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. And he doesn’t believe there’s anything he could say to Obama that would convince the president to change his refugee policy.

“He’s going right down to the bitter end with pummeling our cities and towns with more and more refugees,” Hohmann noted. “They’re trying to get in as many as possible before he leaves office to the point where they’re even running out of money now, I hear, at the Office of Refugee Resettlement.”

To Hohmann, it looks like Obama has accomplished exactly what he set out to do.

Said the author: “I don’t know what I could tell President Obama other than, ‘A job well done! If your goal was to destroy America, to degrade America, to bring our cities down a notch and saddle them with a heavy burden, you’ve done a good job.’” continue

The Clarion Project: How Many Methods of Islamist Radicalization Remain Hidden

Many would not agree with my statement that Islamic radicalization is a hidden and still an ignored phenomenon especially in the West.

This is especially true as these terrorists are adapting newer and newer techniques and ways to influence and hence pollute the upcoming young minds.

The West has made a grievous mistake by allowing these Islamic extremists to settle, grow and even prosper on its soil in the name of human rights, and freedom of speech and liberty.

Most of the focus has been on the mosques and other religious gathering places, but that is not the whole side of the story. Living in Europe for only six months until now, I see many types of Islamic radicalization growing in new, systematic and subtle ways, unheard of via newspapers. continue

The Clarion Project: The Hidden Costs of Jihad

One of the objectives of Islamic State’s “attack and polarize” strategy in France is to hit the economy, an objective that was successfully attained in the aftermath of the November 2015 and January 2016 attacks, which were immediately followed by a slump in retail sales and tourism.

Throughout 2016, hotels in Paris were offering discounts of up to 65% on room rates to attract tourists who began to shun the city in the wake of the jihadist operations.

Another economic cost is the massive increase in expenditure on intelligence, law enforcement and security. In 2016 the DGSI, the domestic intelligence service, increased its staff by 35% from 3,500 to over 4,700. Law enforcement officers, who have accumulated millions of hours in overtime, have to be paid.

Three days after the November 13 attacks, the government announced that it would recruit an additional 5,000 police officers. Tens of millions have been allocated to deradicalization programs, reorganization of prisons and other initiatives aimed at countering jihad at home. continue

We have now moved from stealth to overt Jihad.
The attacks upon individual citizens, gathered groups, and our Churches are increasing.
Let us hope that the incoming administration will call things as they are and take steps to protects America. That IS the job of the President Of The United States Of America!

I had included this issue in a previous post Warning! America Do Not Rest, The Enemy Within Continues Its Mission. as one of the various fronts in the post election war to continue the “Agenda” and who the funders were.

Perhaps Obama told Hillary to concede on election night because he was not really very concerned over both her and the Democrat Party’s loss. His post election agenda will continue with powerful backers and many followers. It will be a fifth column bent on destroying America and planning to serve it up to the elitists who seek ultimate power over Planet Earth.

I also posted on the threat to Trump from the globalist agenda. Obama is their American General funded by the primary CFO Soros.

From Zero Hedge Fund:

Basically, Trump Can’t Stop It: “The People Who Have Been Orchestrating The Collapse Have Not Halted Their Agendas”

There are some very somber, pragmatic articles circulating as of late that present a true snapshot of the difficulties the U.S. faces after eight years of Obama. One of these articles is a well-written, thought-provoking piece by Susan Duclos of All News Pipeline, entitled We are Facing the Most Important Battle of All at the Most Dangerous Moment in History. The piece shows what we’re up against and cautions all of us not to rely on the “magic fix” of Trump’s victory to side rail our preparations and vigilance. Here is an excerpt from that excellent article:

“We at ANP are noting a lot of optimism from investors with stocks soaring, to economic confidence reaching new highs, to small business owners, to household spending and even prepping has hit a “multi-year low,” all the articles I am reading are crediting the election of Donald Trump as reason for all this optimism, but as much as I hate to rain on everyone’s parade… now is the most dangerous time in history, not a time to assume just because one man was elected, all the wrongs will be made right, the failing economy will automatically just magically fix itself.”

Susan deserves special thanks, as well as Stefan Stanford; their coverage of developments has been spot-on and unwavering in their attempts to present objective and factual reporting, while warning readers akin to modern Paul Reveres that the battle is not over by any means. In reality, it is not even close to being over. I recommend reading the article’s section toward the beginning under “THE ECONOMY IS COLLAPSING” paragraph introduction for statistics on where we stand economically at this moment in time.

There was a piece released by Michael Snyder of the Economic Collapse Blog on December 8th entitled It is Like a Nuclear Bomb Went Off in the Prepping Community, another timely piece that warns of the complacency settling in now that most conservatives believe that Trump will be the vaccine for the country’s illnesses. Here is an excerpt from that article: continue

America has always had its enemies, but the internal dangers ramped up after WWII. Much has been written about such infiltration. Communism, Globalism, and Islam all have arms within America and are in many cases coalescing toward their ultimate objective. 

The biggest love affair seems to be between the Left and the Islamists. An overview can be found here. Many believe that the Globalists are using these groups for their own end. They may well be correct. Wars are fought on many fronts. The war to bring down America, the last brick in the wall against Globalism, is no different.

The following article will deal with the entire issue of Obama’s continuing efforts to derail Trump’s presidency, (which threatens the globalists agenda) via the seemingly innocuous means of “community organizing”. It is well worth a review. 

The aim is much more malevolent than what it would appear to be. Any continuing demonstrations through out Trump’s tenure in the White House are merely distractions so as to allow Obama to continue his mission–to protect the globalist agenda with his OFA (Organizing For Action) consisting of true believers as well as clueless useful idiots.

Obama Plans to Rule America Outside the White House 

Posted by Daniel Greenfield

Barack Obama has two faces. After Trump’s victory and Hillary’s defeat, the public Obama has been gracious and diplomatic. His lectures to Trump, directly and indirectly, are couched in praise. He echoed the feeling of millions on both sides when he said, “We are now all rooting for his success”.

That’s a lie. Or rather a disguise.

Obama and his aides had, in one insider narrative, decided to don the “mask of decorum”. The contempt for Trump still seeps through the mask. And the mask hides Obama’s next big move.

President Obama is over. He knows that. There are still some things that he can do before he leaves office, but everything except the most destructive, can be undone by his successor. The next phase of his campaign will not be fought from the White House. It will be fought against the White House .

The other Obama is emerging in conference calls with his supporters. “One of the challenges that I’ve discovered being president is I’d like to be organizer-in-chief, but it’s hard,” he said in one call.   Continue