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The United States Department of Education has developed an Islamic indoctrination program for public schools called, ‘Access Islam.’ The lesson plans are written for grades 5 through 12. They include worksheets and videos to help students perform the 5 Pillars of Islam – prayer, fasting, alms giving, pilgrimage to Mecca and the proclamation of Muslim faith.

Pro-Islam Lessons Found in All Grades in Public Schools
The taxpayer-supported Department of Education (DOE) is funding an Islamic indoctrination program in America’s public schools in grades 5 through 12, Christian Action Network has learned.

Students are taught to learn Islamic scripture, give the meaning of that Islamic verse, and explain how they can use it in their daily lives.

“How can this be anything other than indoctrination?” said Martin Mawyer, president and founder of Christian Action Network (CAN).
The DOE offers no similar lesson plans for Christianity, Mawyer added. “There is absolutely no balance in the curricula offered. Only Islam is given a full course of study.”

“Access Islam,” from the PBS web site, funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

The Islamic education program, funded by the DOE, is primarily disseminated through PBS LearningMedia and the Educational Broadcasting Corporation.

The curriculum is called “Access Islam” and includes such lessons as:

The Five Pillars of Islam, in which students in grades 5 through 12 explore and understand the basic beliefs of Islam, as well as “the Five Pillars that guide Muslims in their daily life … students will create posters about the Five Pillars for classroom display.” Students also learn the proclamation of Islamic faith — which is akin to learning the Christian “prayer of salvation.” (More information here)

The U.S. Department of Education’s funding of an Islamic indoctrination curricula is the topic of a new video produced by Christian Action Network.

Salat: Prayer in Muslim Life, in which students in grades 5 through 12 learn “the importance of the Quran in daily worship.” The students are asked, “What do you see and hear when Muslims pray? How do the words sound? What is the purpose of praying five times a day?” (More information here)
Quran: Sacred Scripture of Islam, in which students in grades four to six are taught that the Quran “is considered the word of Allah.” Students must review quotes from the Quran and Hadith. They must then to present one of the Islamic quotes to the teacher and “describe the passages practical application…” (More information here)

“Can anyone imagine The Lord’s Prayer recited in a classroom?” asked Mawyer. “Or students taught that the Bible is the inspired, infallible final Word of God? Or displaying the Christian cross in the school classroom? Or lesson plans that encourage students to pray to Jesus Christ? It’s out of the question! Christ, the Bible, the cross and Christian prayer were thrown out our public schools decades ago.

In one DOE funded video, students are introduced to a man who has converted from Christianity to Islam. The Muslim man tells students that Islam “is the true worship of God.” The man then instructs children to “submit yourself” to Allah.

Mawyer said he was so shocked when he learned that the Islamic curriculum was funded by the DOE that his organization fired off a legal “Letter of Demand” to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos demanding that the Islamic program be defunded and removed from access to the public schools of America.

In the Five Pillars of Islam lesson plan, students are told to “focus on learning about the core duties of Muslims” and to “read about what it means to proclaim faith or belief as a Muslim.”

“As I scanned through the information online, it became obvious to me that the material is much more like a Sunday School lesson plan than a proper educational lesson on Islam,” said Mawyer. “These lessons are teaching our children and grandchildren how to be, act and live like Muslims. It’s outrageous! And every Christian and Jewish parent in America should be appalled at how our children are being indoctrinated into the Islamic belief system and lifestyle.”

Students are taught in detail how to pray like a Muslim in the lesson plan “Salat: Prayer in Muslim Life.” The lesson plan includes prayers that can be recited by students, descriptions of how and when to pray, and refers students to the web site “” to get more information about Islamic prayer times around the world.

In this same study students are told to memorize the following prayer from Quran 96:1-5:

“In the name of thy lord who created man from a clot. And thy lord is the most generous who taught by the pen, taught man that which he knew not.”

Mawyer noted that students are NOT taught that Jesus is Lord, but they DO learn that Allah is God.

Preview for CAN’s latest film “Islam In The Schools A Quick Look”. To order the full version and learn more about this topic visit us at

“I am calling on all Americans to demand the Department of Education dump this program,” said Mawyer. “This is an outrageous abuse of our taxpayer dollars, and an affront to the rights of parents to teach their children the religion of their choice.”

As well as the DOE video, CAN has also released a video that takes a broader look at Islam in the Schools. It can be viewed here.

Download Christian Action Network’s letter of demand to the Department of Education here.

Canada Lost?
Peel student told, “God loves only Muslims”; computer lab becomes mini-mosque Peel student told, “God loves only Muslims”; computer lab becomes mini-mosque last week I ran an explosive video of a school board (A must see underlined comment mine) meeting where parents almost riot when their opposition against Muslim prayers in the school is ignored. There should be no religion in the schools. These parents are at a boiling point — and I predict you’ll be seeing more of this pushback. It’s long overdue. After months of being ignored, these parents lost it.

A lot more is coming to light after GR shined a light on this.


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                                                      —The Real Thing (maybe)

The dialogue in the images above from and old SNL skit says it all!

However, Let us open with the public meltdown of the Honorable Charles Schumer. The Senator has been becoming more vitriolic, but his tone and tenor had remained mostly “Senatorial” until the following incident. Why would any sane person make such a scene in an upscale setting? Perhaps the good Senator is edging into the ranks of the unhinged?

Schumer loses cool with Trump supporter at swanky restaurant
by Emily Smith
Sen. Chuck Schumer caused a scene at a Manhattan restaurant when he began yelling at a wealthy and well-connected Donald Trump supporter that the POTUS is “a liar.”
Schumer, the top Senate Democrat, lost his cool on Sunday night at Upper East Side restaurant Sette Mezzo, according to witnesses.
He was dining with friends when he encountered Joseph A. Califano Jr. — the former US secretary of health, education and welfare under President Jimmy Carter and domestic policy adviser to President Lyndon B. Johnson — and his wife, Hilary, who were having a quiet dinner.
Onlookers said Schumer was incensed that Hilary — the daughter of William S. Paley, the founder and chairman of CBS — had voted for Trump, even though her husband, Joseph, is a well-known Democrat.
One witness said of the restaurant rant, “They are a highly respected couple, and Schumer made a scene, yelling, ‘She voted for Trump!’ The Califanos left the restaurant, but Schumer followed them outside.” On the sidewalk, Schumer carried on with his fantastical filibuster: “ ‘How could you vote for Trump? He’s a liar!’ He kept repeating, ‘He’s a liar!’ ”…More

Egad, is the Obama train of sedition becoming derailed. Are the faithful beginning to see just how serious this entire situation really is?The rats, they are a jumping, abandoning the rapidly sinking Barack Hussein. Squealing Obama lackey admits she helped spy on Trump for Obama
by Thomas Madison 
Evelyn Farkas, Barack Hussein’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, is spilling the beans, confessing on MSNBC that she indeed spied on candidate Trump for Obama and that Trump was the target from the outset, not Russians. The Russian angle was obviously a straw man ruse to attempt to legalize the illegal surveillance. From the look of abject terror on Farkas’ face, it is clear that images of being Shaniqua’s bitch in the big house are running through her head.
What could be more fun than watching a boatload of rats abandon a sinking ship? Grab a bag of popcorn and your favorite adult beverage, patriots, this is going to be a great show!

According to, Evelyn Farkas, an Obama administration insider, has become the latest Democrat to roll over and squeal on her former comrades, telling MSNBC that she helped spy on Trump for Obama before he left office, and that Trump, not Russians, was the target of the illegal surveillance.
Democrats ran an arrogant, sloppy spying campaign against Trump because they assumed that a Clinton victory was certain. They didn’t think Trump would ever be in a position to expose their crimes.

They couldn’t have been more wrong. Now shellshocked Obama administration members are starting to rat on each other, trying to gain favor with the current administration and save themselves from being the ones to serve jail time.
Evelyn Farkas, advisor to the Clinton campaign and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under Obama, has become the latest rat to depart the sinking ship. Speaking to MSNBC, she explicitly confessed that:

  • She helped spy on Trump for Obama before he left the White House
  • Trump, not Russians, were the targets of surveillance
  • She was concerned about hiding their methods from Trump
  • She encouraged leaks because she was “worried” about Russians“People on the Hill” (Congress) knew about Obama’s spy plot. much more

The Media Pretends Not to Know the Wiretapping of Trump They Are Using
March 5, 2017
by Daniel Greenfield
It’s 2017 and the marketplace of ideas is so deeply degraded that even simple discussions become impossible.
And so the media simultaneously reports on the very eavesdropping of Trump and his people carried out under Obama. All the while insisting that Trump’s accusation of wiretapping is “unproven”, that Trump “offers no evidence” and that he traffics in conspiracy theories. 
The wiretapping was widely reported by the very media that is now pretending to have no idea what is being discussed. 
The only conspiracy theory on the table here is whether Obama and his people played any role in the spying. And considering the IRS being used to target Obama’s enemies, the filmmaker behind one Obama movie ending up in jail, the filmmaker behind another movie Obama didn’t like also ending up in jail, it’s not much of a reach. continue

What MSM Leaves Out of Its HYPOCRITICAL Trump-Russia Attacks
Robert Gehl
 reports that Tucker Carlson laid waste to any reputation or remaining credibility that The Washington Post had.
On his show Tuesday night, the Fox News host had Erik Wemple, the Post’s media reporter (and Leftist hack). It was a brutal interview.
Carlson began the interview with this long question:
“In the past couple of months, I’ve seen a lot of stories including some from you accusing people of basically carrying water for the Russian government and the Russian government is in the news today so I thought I’d ask you something I’ve wondered for a long time which is the Washington Post for years, for many years, has literally carried paid propaganda from the Russian government, a section called ‘Russia Behind The Headlines.’ [There’s an image of the propaganda that they run below the video.] It looks like news but it’s designed to fool readers into thinking it’s real. And it’s pure propaganda paid for, distributed by the Russian government… Why have you never written about that? How can you attack others when your own paper takes money from the Russian government.”
Wemple was completely taken aback. “That’s a really good question,” he said. “I wish you had told me you wanted to talk about that.”
He assured us that readers can tell the difference between propaganda in their newspaper and genuine news stories.
Carlson was having none of it:

            Entire article here

Yes, the MSM is defintely brain dead. They may love her, but the new DNC head wants to remove her influence. Networks Cheer On ‘Fired Up’ Clinton, ‘Back in the Spotlight’
She may have lost the election but that doesn’t mean the media doesn’t still hang on her every word. After Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance before an audience in San Francisco attending a diversity conference Tuesday night, the networks couldn’t get enough. ABC, NBC and CBS all devoted time to Clinton’s speech March 29, playing several clips where she bashed the White House for its handling of health care, diversity and other issues.
ABC’s Good Morning America offered the most excited coverage, Wednesday morning. Anchor Robin Roberts opened the report hyping Clinton was “back in the spotlight” in a “rare public appearance” last night. White House correspondent Cecilia Vega followed up, gushing that Clinton came out “swinging” with some “tough talk” for her old opponent….

ABC ended its report excitedly wondering aloud if this meant that Clinton would be coming back to politics. Vega reported that she asked an aide to Clinton, but only heard back that Clinton was a woman who wasn’t “going to stand by and watch other women be bullied, insulted and demeaned.” “I will leave it to you guys to read those tea leaves,” Vega added. continue

However,  Perez wants a new direction, perhaps toward a more Progressive stance under the guise of moving the party away from Hillary and Wall Street?
DNC to Every Staffer: ‘You’re Fired’
If there was any doubt that the election of Donald Trump presented the Democratic Party with an existential crisis, the dire state of the liberal political party is evident by a report that Tom Perez, the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has requested the resignation of all DNC staffers. The request may signal that Perez intends to move the Democrats away from the influence of the Clintons and their ties to Wall Street….
The economic stagnation in Rust Belt states, many of which are led by Democrats, arguably pushed many blue-collar voters toward Donald Trump. After eight years of Barack Obama’s various wars on business and coal, the Democrats have much to do to regain their footing in some states that were deep blue in the near past…
Given these challenges, it is unsurprising that Perez might want to start with a clean slate as he rebuilds the DNC from scratch. “What we’re trying to do is culture change,” he told NBC News.
To what? (underlined comment mine) We’re repairing a plane at 20,000 feet. You can’t land the plane, shut it down, and close it until further notice.” entire post

Much of the American public is aware of the hypocritical Dems and the Soros owned complicit MSM. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternative news outlets in print as well as on the internet. Yes, some search engines and FB are doing their best to censor while not appearing to do so, but options remain–so far.
Should an armed insurrection occur, carier pigeons and smoke signals may be the only method left for communication (joking but not joking). Let us hope that events will not come to that, but prepare for them should they do so.

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Within the past two weeks,  I had posted two articles several days apart dealing with the shoot out in the street a comin’ Anon: A Shooting War On American Streets and Leftist Hate Speech Evolving Into Violence. How Soon Will It Become Deadly?.

It appears as though what many have feared has now come to pass.
Escalating Tensions: Anti-Trump Protestors Mobilize in Phoenix Brandishing Guns!
While it is not unusual that wanna-be para-military lefties should arrive at a pro-Trump rally with menacing faces, clenched fists, and nasty rhetoric, this is the first documented case that I’m aware of in the recent spate of protest, counter-protest movements that have swept this country, since the inauguration, that included a leftist group brandishing firearms…

…after spending time handing out fliers directing people to a Facebook page and website, “the group lined up, double file” and left the premise without incident, following the close of the pro-Trump event.

..One only need take a look at the escalating levels of violence at several events throughout the country over the last few months to see how the presence of a large group of protestors armed with guns, gathered in opposition to another group, might be troubling.

Up to this point most leftist agitators who have appeared at, and instigated assaults at pro-Trump rallies have brought their foul mouths, their fists, and the occasional club. Increasingly though, the anti-Trump crowd has stepped up their levels of violence…

…The typical attempts to bully pro-Trump people has been for leftists to show up dressed in riot gear, armed with baseball bats, pepper spray, etc. and think they can disrupt things. As more and more Trump fans are tiring of the bullying and fighting back, it makes it all the more concerning that a leftist group should arrive at an event armed with semiautomatic weapons.

Thankfully nothing happened in Phoenix, but the question is how many more people on both sides are going to start arriving at these rallies armed? And if this should happen, will all the rhetoric and fisticuffs escalate into full blown bloodshed? full post

Sooner or later, shots will be fired and all Hell will break loose. The Trump supporters are beginning to fight back and will arm themselves in the face of armed threats from militant leftists.

THE CIVIL WAR IS HERE The left doesn’t want to secede. It wants to rule.

Civil wars end when one side is forced to accept the authority of the other. The left expects everyone to accept its ideological authority. Conservatives expect the left to accept Constitutional authority. The conflict is still political and cultural. It’s being fought in the media and within the government. But if neither side backs down, then it will go beyond words as both sides give contradictory orders.

The left is a treasonous movement. The Democrats became a treasonous organization when they fell under the sway of a movement that rejects our system of government, its laws and its elections. Now their treason is coming to a head. They are engaged in a struggle for power against the government. That’s not protest. It’s not activism. The old treason of the sixties has come of age. A civil war has begun. more

There have also been several incursions on the White House grounds. Here is the latest.
Shots fired near White House as nutjob tries to run over cops
WHAT!? A “female motorist hit the squad car and then targeted several officers,” yet “it’s not clear whether the incident was intentional?” Really? That’s some fine detective work there, Lieutenant Sherlock.

The New York Post is reporting that a driver rammed a police car near the US Capitol Wednesday and tried to strike several cops before Capitol Police opened fire, according to multiple reports.

The female motorist hit the squad car and then targeted several officers near Washington Avenue and Independence Avenue, several blocks away from the White House, around 9:30 a.m., ABC News reported.

The suspect was taken into custody at 3rd Street and Independence Avenue about 15 minutes later, according to the Washington Post.Capitol Police fired shots during the mayhem, but no one was hit.

No one was hit by the suspect’s car.

The motive is unknown and it’s not clear whether the incident was intentional, according to the FBI which is assisting Capitol Police at the scene.

Those who care for the republic cannot just mourn over the assault upon it. They must be prepared to fight for their freedom. The American way of life and all it stands for depends upon it.

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Another Democrat’s actions bordering on treason. Either she is a clueless bleeding heart who has genuine concern for the undocumented, or she is a traitor. There is no in between. The following post is quite informative.

Dem lawmaker tips off illegals in MS-13 hotbed
‘If there’s a knock on the door and you don’t know who it is, don’t open the door’ 
by Chelsea Schilling
A Democrat state lawmaker in Massachusetts has been caught tipping off illegals – many of whom are violent street gang members, child sex offenders and drug traffickers – to imminent Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids Tuesday, even telling criminal targets not to open their doors, to stay silent, to refuse to sign anything and to “fight back” with an attorney.
An Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokesman suggested to WND that the lawmaker is “doing a disservice to the community” and “endangering public safety” with her statements.
MS-13 gang members

Massachusetts State Rep. Michelle DuBois, a Democrat representing the 10th Plymouth District, warned illegals about imminent federal immigration raids scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday in Brockton, a city just 25 miles outside of Boston. DuBois posted the warning on her Facebook page. She included a phone number illegal aliens may call if they’re caught in an immigration raid.
In January 2016, federal authorities arrested 56 members of MS-13, a highly organized and well-funded Central American gang known for its brutal acts of violence, in and around the Boston area. They were indicted on conspiracy charges and charges related to murder, conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder. Some were also charged with other offenses, including drug trafficking and firearm violations. According to the indictment, several of the individuals were involved in the murders of at least five people since 2014 and the attempted murders of at least 14 people.
MS-13’s motto is “Mata, viola, controla” – kill, rape, control.
A 2016 U.S. Department of Justice press release stated: “Members of the MS-13 organization in Massachusetts sell cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, and commit robberies, in order to generate income to pay monthly dues to the incarcerated leadership of MS-13 in El Salvador. This money is allegedly used to pay for weapons, cell phones, shoes, food, and other supplies for MS-13 members in and out of jail in El Salvador.”
Despite the horrific illegal-alien gang violence in the area, DuBois felt compelled to warn lawbreakers of impending immigration raids.
“I got the following information from my friend in the Latin community: ‘I have a message for the immigrant community of Brockton. Please be careful on Wednesday 29. ICE will be in Brockton on that day,’” DuBois wrote on her Facebook page.
“If you are undocumented don’t go out on the street. If there is a knock on the door of your house and you don’t know who it is, don’t open the door. I ask you to be careful.”
DuBois also provided a chart so illegals will know “What to do if ICE comes to your door.”
Her initial post generated public outrage. Some of the comments WND found include the following:

  • “In what universe do you think this is acceptable behavior for an elected official? You have now put the lives of the ICE federal agents at risk by telling those who are here illegally that their status is going to be threatened.” – Jim Doucette
  • “How pathetic are you basically working for criminals so you can keep your votes? You are disgusting as a legislator. You should be helping the honest citizens of Brockton get their city back … not saving illegals.” -Sean Mosher
  • “As our president would say … ‘YOU’RE FIRED’” -Neil Macquinn
  • “You should be arrested for obstructing law enforcement.” -Alex Adamopoulos
  • “Michelle, I have known you for years and always thought so highly of you. And I never thought I’d say that I am disappointed in you and your actions until today.” -Chris Kostka
  • “Give me a break, lady. You really blew it with this one. What are you thinking?” -Blake Darryl
  • “WTH is wrong with you?! If some illegal immigrant hurt your loved one, broke into your home, sold your child drugs … and so on, would you want them protected?! There is seriously something wrong with you. Are you that stupid to think that ICE is targeting illegal housecleaners or carwash attendants? They’re trying to keep us safe. You need to resign and move far away.” – Joey Butler
  • “If any member of law enforcement, or for that matter legal citizen of this nation, is killed or injured, the families should consider a class action civil suit against Ms. DuBois.” -Dennis Johnson
  • “Good luck getting elected next time. I’ll move to Bridgewater and run against you if you go unopposed. Traitor!” -John Alessi
  • “Shame shame shame. Liberalism is a mental illness.” -Anita Curran
  • “Donald J. Trump, deport her.” -Mike O’Reagan

Concerned individuals may contact Massachusetts State Rep. Michelle DuBois by email, through Facebook or by phone at (617) 722-2011. 
Even Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia edited by the public, included a prediction Tuesday afternoon concerning DuBois’ political fate.
Her page stated: “On March 28th she posted online to all of the illegal immigrants in Brockton should [sic] hide in their homes because ICE agents would be doing raids that day, which will most likely cause her political demise.”
The Daily Caller reported that DuBois began removing critical comments from her Facebook page.
“I am deleting attacks [on the original posts],” she wrote. “This post is to inform. Not debate immigration policy. It’s my page and I can delete posts.”
DuBois also wrote: “I’m deleting them because this post is just to spread awareness of the seriousness of the new immigration policies instituted by Trump. It should motivate those who can gain documentation to do so and others who can’t to start making a plan for the safety of their family.”
Also Tuesday, Bristol County, Massachusetts, Sheriff Thomas Hodgson told a U.S. House subcommittee on illegal immigration that DuBois’ post “completely undermines law enforcement.”
Bristol-TWWhile he testified before Congress, Hodgson called for federal officials to arrest leaders of sanctuary cities.
“[If] sanctuary cities are going to harbor and conceal criminal illegal aliens from ICE, which is in direct violation of Title 8 of the U.S. Code, federal arrest warrants should be issued for their elected officials.”
He continued, “Our citizens would be safer if we never stopped enforcing immigration law and if we never formed or turned a blind eye toward sanctuary cities.”
What do YOU think? What should happen to elected officials who harbor illegals? Sound off in today’s WND poll!
Brockton’s city council has been debating whether to implement an official “sanctuary city” policy with the “Trust Act,” an ordinance that would ban police from holding illegals for federal immigration officials.
ICE spokesman Shawn Neudauer provided the following statement to WND on Tuesday (emphasis his):

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement deportation officers conduct enforcement actions every day around the country as part of the agency’s ongoing efforts to uphold public safety and border security.
Our operations are targeted and lead driven, prioritizing individuals who pose a risk to our communities. Examples would include known street gang members, child sex offenders, and deportable foreign nationals with significant drug trafficking convictions. If ICE officers encounter others during the course of their lawful duties, who also have immigration issues and regardless of their criminal history, those additional encounters can lead to an arrest at the time of the encounter.
For operational security reasons, ICE does not release information regarding future operations. ICE does not conduct random sweeps, checkpoints or raids that target aliens indiscriminately. All ICE operations are targeted based on investigative leads.
Any person who actively incites panic or fear of law enforcement is doing a disservice to the community, endangering public safety and the very people they claim to support and represent.

WND requested comment from DuBois but hadn’t received a reply at the time of this report. One of DuBois’ staffers told the Daily Caller she didn’t come into the office Tuesday.
Concerned individuals may contact Massachusetts State Rep. Michelle DuBois by email, through Facebook or by phone at (617)722-2011. 
DuBois posted the following response to Facebook Tuesday afternoon:

It is obvious that my Facebook post touched off a lot of unintended controversy.
I am an elected State Representative and the response to one facebook post has caused people from across the Nation to inundate my facebook page with some pretty ugly and threatening posts. If this is what happens to an elected representative – [it] must be happening to immigrants every day in our Nation, both documented and not documented. …
There are many people in Brockton (documented and not) as well as people across this Nation who are terrified. This rumor of an ICE raid in Brockton was wide-spread in Brockton. There have been many ICE raids in the City.
Passing information along that is already all-over the community, not only lets the people I represent know what is happening, it lets ICE know that everyone in Brockton is aware of ICE’s planned raid (if there was one).
Having ICE know that this rumor is wide-spread in Brockton allows them to change the date if they feel the public’s knowledge of the raid would undermine their planned raid. So I do not agree with Sheriff Hodgson on his point that he made before a federal panel in WashingtonDC that my public facebook post in anyway undermines law enforcement.”

Incidentally, on Tuesday evening, DuBois said she will host “a discussion of difference with a focus on immigration and the immigrants’ life in the Greater Brockton area.” Speakers will include representatives from the ACLU and legal aide attorneys. She posted the following flier on Facebook:


Source: World Net Daily

Words do matter. The incessant hatred spewed by the left has already lead to countless incidents of violence since the 2016 election. Soros is fueling and funding much of it, but the embers of this hatred were simply nascent and ready to be stoked into a full blown blaze when the time was right.
Several pro Trump demonstrations were disrupted by the Antifas who proceeded to attack many Trump supporters  outright.
In Huntington Beach CA, the pro Trumpers fought back and largely won. How long before knives and guns are brought to these events. The Antifas will attack and the Trump supporters will be forced to defend themselves. It will get nasty and escalate the 2nd American Civil War.
Decades of subtle, which evolved into not so subtle, indoctrination and infiltration into every level of our educational system has planted the seeds of intolerance and contempt for the American way of life .
Free speech on any subject is under approved assault.

The following article is long, informative and breathtaking.
A Rollins College Muslima professor gets Christian Student SUSPENDED for blasphemy  for  challenging statements the professor was making regarding Christianity and Muslim Orthodoxy. Horrendous.

Too many have been politically educated  into the school of venom and vitriol toward those who do not adhere to the leftist totalitarian belief system. The 2016 election has given them the fodder they so desperately need to “make their point”.  Trump Is President, And Now The Left Justifies Political Violence.
Just what is their “point”. For some, it is simply going to a protest to get paid and to have a good time. For others, it is a deadly serious effort to sew anarchy and chaos in order to crash the American system and then step in to save the nation by rebuilding it to meet the new standards of their belief system.
The first group is usually comprised of deadbeats and slackers. The second group is far more dangerous. They are the ideologically indoctrinated useful idiots who are unwittingly serving globalists masters. Assuming victory, should they start asking questions or challenging the masters’ authority, they will be eliminated without mercy. Toeing the party line without question is a sine qua non for all leftists. Period!

European leaders seem to be barreling their citizens down the Highway To Hell either through complicity or through a well meaning but clueless attempt to silence hateful speech regarding Islam.
Theresa May “The fight against terrorism and hate speech has to be a joint one”

Does she realize that her Head Scarf expresses Dhimmitude?

Seriously? Islamism is the avowed enemy of all non-Islamic cultures and nations. Islamists engage in hateful and ideologically approved hate speech which advocates violence against all non-Muslims. How confusing that such rhetoric is not included in the hate category.

GERMANY orders media NOT to report ethnicity or religion when reporting crimes, rapes, or terrorism

8 Muslims rape a German teacher because she deserved it.

So hiding the truth will make it go away? German leadership cannot be that insensate and/or naive as to what their citizens are suffering at the hands of these imported and apparently unrefined “refugees”, who have no intention of assimilating into a kafir culture.

The European media’s unhinged response to Trump’s victory shows how far down the the vacuous road of inanity it has traveled.
Note many of the links in the first paragraph of this article smearing Trump have apparently been pulled.  Trump’s Nazis? The European media’s twisted tactics in smearing a U.S. president. 

Linking Trump to the KKK

Again this raises the question–are they really so devoid of reason or are they under complete globalist control?

Enter the United Nations:
UN: All Governments Should Crack Down on Hate Speech  Any ideas as to what such hate speech they have in mind to target? Hypocrisy, dissimulation and prevarication are the main drivers of this so called “suggestion”.

This brief essay The Left and Violence succinctly states the matter:
Much has been made, and rightly so, of leftists’ physical and verbal violence toward conservatives. That the left is inherently violent when faced with opposition to its ideas and aims is unsurprising to me. Leftism is a state of mind that demands control. Leftists project their authoritarianism onto conservatives, one result of which is the false portrayal of Hitler as a right-wing dictator.
Just think about the means by which leftists attain their ends. First, they rely on government — which is the big kahuna of coercive institutions. After that it’s just a matter of selecting the preferred instrument of coercion: regulation, taxation, redistribution, hate-thought-crime legislation, abridgement of property rights and freedom of association, affirmative action racial quotas, and so on.
Leftism is built on control. Control is attained by coercion. Coercion is based on the threat of violence — the ability of the state’s agents to search, seize, summon, compel, fine, and imprison at will — and to use force in doing any of those things.
In sum, leftism depends on violence — or the clear threat of it. Violent outbursts from the left should surprise no one but naifs and leftist hypocrites. source

Yes words do matter. They reflect a thought process which generally leads to a logical (in the minds if the users) action. We should not be surprised at the unfolding of current events.
Thus, what is the next step?

Knowledge is power. The Realistic Observer is a non profit blog dedicated to keeping our readers as informed as possible

How many other states are doing this? Be informed and be aware. The insane, destructive, and agenda driven attacks upon our children continue.

Illinois House Committee Approves HB 1785 Falsified Birth Certificates
By David E. Smith

This morning, the Illinois House Human Services Committee held a hearing on a highly controversial proposal that would legalize fraud through the alteration of birth certificates by gender-dysphoric persons who wish to have the government reinforce their deceit.
The bill passed on a party line vote: 7 Democrats voted yea, while 4 Republicans voted no.
State Representative Greg Harris (D-Chicago), who represents a segment of Chicago’s gay community, is one of three openly homosexual members of the Illinois General Assembly and an LGBT activist, is once again pushing this deceit, as he did last session.
HB 1785 would amend the Vital Records Act to allow transgender Illinoisans to easily change their gender and name on their birth certificate. According to HB 1785, all that would be needed is for a licensed health care worker or mental health professional to issue a declaration that the gender dysphoric person has undergone “gender transition treatment,” which doesn’t necessarily include surgery.
Take ACTION:  Click HERE to send an email message to your state representative to ask him/her to reject HB 1785 and uphold birth certificates as legal documents.  The state of Illinois has no duty or right to make it easier for men and women who wish they were the opposite sex to falsify their birth certificates.  Ask your lawmaker to vote NO to the Birth Certificate Designation Act, HB 1785.
IFI’s Laurie Higgins‘ rightly pointed out in an article earlier this year:

[I]t’s critical to remember that cross-dressing, hormone-doping, and surgical mutilations do not turn males into females or vice versa. Compassion and a commitment to truth dictate that we must not treat students who take cross-sex hormones as if they are in reality the sex they are not.
And the government should never be required to participate in a science-denying fiction.
It is staggering to see a modern civilization snookered into accepting (or pretending to accept) the science-denying superstition that surgical tinkering and hormone-doping can turn a man into a woman or vice versa. The ordinary men and women behind the curtain promoting this superstition know full well that no human’s sex can change, so they had to invent new language to confuse and deceive…

Please take action today to let your state representative know what you think of this legislation.  The Capitol switchboard number is (217) 782-2000.
Please also note that this bill is cosponsored by State Representatives Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago), Barbara Flynn Currie (D-Chicago), Will Guzzardi (D-Chicago), Emanuel Chris Welch (D-Westchester), Sam Yingling (D-Round Lake Beach), Cynthia Soto (D-Chicago), La Shawn Ford (D-Chicago), Silvana Tabares (D-Chicago), Ann Williams (D-Chicago), Carol Ammons (D-Champaign), Robyn Gabel (D-Evanston), Litesa Wallace (D-Rockford), Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago), Theresa Mah (D-Chicago), Lou Lang (D-Skokie), and Laura Fine (D-Glenview).
Organizations lobbying in favor of this legislation include:  the ACLU of Illinois, Equality Illinois, Trans-Life Center, and Safe Schools Alliance.

David  E. Smith

Dave Smith is Illinois Family Institute’s executive director.  He and his wife of 22 years are blessed to be the parents of seven children. David has been interviewed for numerous radio, television, cable programs and newspaper articles on topics such as sex education, broadcast decency gambling, abortion, homosexuality, drug decriminalization and pornography. From 1996 – 2004, he worked as an aide to a City of Chicago Alderman.  During that time, he was a volunteer decency advocate for the group Citizens for Community Values of Illinois, filing 70 indecency complaints over a period of four years with the FCC against a…

 Source: Illinois Family Institute

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Many suspected that James Comey was threatened into not recommending that Hillary be sent to the DOJ for indictment. Others thought he was just plain into bed with the establishment globalists who wanted Hillary to win.
Apparently, he has/had some rather shady connections. Is he being blackmailed, or just protecting his own interests?
It seems as thought every political “player” has something to hide; thus, they are all easily controlled by the Powers That Be”.
The following article many shed a few beams of light onto the subject.

Not exactly Mr. Clean, check out Comey’s resume, which includes connections to the Clinton Foundation and international drug money laundering
by Thomas Madison
March 22, 2017
H/T Joe LaVeque
FBI Director James Comey may not exactly be the wholesome Boy Scout some attempt to depict him as. By all appearances, he has been in the camp of slimy leftists like the Clintons and Barack Hussein for many years. Comey’s supporters on the left may try to deny any connection, but they can’t deny history. Let’s examine Comey’s resume.
According to 21st Century Wire , much has been made recently about the FBI and the Department of Justice letting off favored presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for admittedly mishandling classified information and using her own private email servers to do state business during her time as US Secretary of State. FBI Director James Comey was manning the key choke-point in the decision to not hold Clinton accountable for what so many before her have received convictions for. What many are not aware of is the political and organizational links between Hillary Clinton and James Comey behind the curtain of international high finance.
An argument can be made that FBI Director James Comey has multiple conflicts of interest when it comes to interfacing with the great and the good, and the Clintons in particular. Based on the evidence available to hand – one could easily flag-up Comey’s relationships and past and present involvement with questionable banks, and the Clintons – as a type of conflict of interest (albeit indirect), if not an accessory to institutional corruption, where Comey’s role as a top-level ‘fixer’ is self-evident – fixing outcomes for those members of an elite international club of high finance and organized crime. Could this be the case?
Let’s investigate…
Many are unaware that Comey’s served on the board of banking giant HSBC (‘international drug money clearing house’) before parachuting softly into the head of the FBI in 2013. That’s only the beginning…
It appears that James Comey (who is actually a lawyer by trade) also has long history of cases ending favorable to Clintons, including the case of Sandy Berger, a former Clinton Administration aid. During the Berger probe, Comey said publicly that ‘we take issues of classified information very seriously’, all the while seeming to undermine the scope of the investigation – presumably to protect the Clintons:

“In 2004, Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack.”
“Curiously, Berger, Lynch and Cheryl Mills all worked as partners in the Washington law firm Hogan & Hartson, which prepared tax returns for the Clintons and did patent work for a software firm that played a role in the private email server Hillary Clinton used when she was secretary of state.”
“Hogan & Hartson in Virginia filed a patent trademark request on May 19, 2004, for Denver-based MX Logic Inc., the computer software firm that developed the email encryption system used to manage Clinton’s private email server beginning in July 2013. A tech expert has observed that employees of MX Logic could have had access to all the emails that went through her account.
In 1999, President Bill Clinton nominated [Loretta] Lynch for the first of her two terms as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York, a position she held until she joined Hogan & Hartson in March 2002 to become a partner in the firm’s Litigation Practice Group.” (Source WND)

Many will also be unaware that before Comey was installed by the Obama Administration as FBI Director, he was on the board of Director at HSBC Bank – a bank implicated in international money laundering, including the laundering of billions on behalf of international drugs and narcotics trafficking cartels.
Forbes also points out where Comey was also at the key choke-point during the case involving dodgy auditor KPMG which followed on by the HSBC criminal case:

“If Comey, and his boss Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, had made a different decision about KPMG back in 2005, KPMG would not have been around to miss all the illegal acts HSBC and Standard Chartered SCBFF +% were committing on its watch.
Bloomberg reported in 2007 that back in June of 2005, Comey was the man thrust into the position of deciding whether KPMG would live or die for its criminal tax shelter violations.”

So according to the establishment narrative, Comey is the who will “keep an eye on the banks” and “help stamp out corruption,” while the opposite seems to be happening. Has Comey been put in place to stop corruption, or to enable it? His record certainly warrants some study on this point.
Good qualification to be FBI Director? Not really…
It seems that our beloved FBI Director is or until very recently was a director and board member of HSBC, which is tightly connected to the Clinton Foundation.

“Mr. Comey’s appointment will be for an initial three-year term which, subject to re-election by shareholders, will expire at the conclusion of the 2016 Annual General Meeting.”

“Clinton foundation received up to $81m from clients of controversial HSBC bank”
It’s like a revolving door of money and special projects that the bank and the CF are involved in.
This is the same HSBC that was accused of laundering drug cartel money, was heavily involved in the LIBOR scandal, and who knows what else, and all the while our esteemed FBI Director James “she didn’t intend it” Comey was part of the senior leadership.
Source: Powdered Wig Society

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More cogent thoughts for those who see that the world power structure is against the everyday citizenry.
The article asks many questions and, at the end, states why Trump is such a threat.

Why The CIA, The MSM, and Other Globalists Are Committed to All out War Against Trump

In a recent article, I described how Trump is up against both the media and the CIA. The CIA started infiltrating media with Operation Mockingbird, soon after Harry Truman created the Agency in 1947— and the infiltration has continued to this day.
The crossover point occurred about five minutes after President Truman launched the Agency. The CIA’s mandate was: collect information about what was going on around the world, so it could advise the president.
But CIA directors, starting especially with Allen Dulles, had a different vision.
Why just collect information?
Since the Agency’s job was digging up secrets, why not invent secrets?
Why not invent entire patterns and platforms of information to support an agenda of US global domination?
Why not invent endless enemies who needed to be conquered?
After all, domination was the objective of the super powerful Council on Foreign Relations, coming out of World War 2. The CFR stood outside and above the government in the shadows. It was a Rockefeller operation. The Rockefeller family was uncrowned royalty. Shouldn’t the CIA align itself with that REAL power?
It took some years for the CIA to fully realize the Rockefeller agenda was global government—not US hegemony. So the CIA adjusted its sights and its motives and its invention of data, to fit the Globalist picture.
Flash forward. Trump, suddenly signaling NATIONALISM NOT GLOBALISM, in 2016, was a distinct threat. That signal could wake up millions of people who hadn’t thought about either Nationalism or Globalism.
The point wasn’t about whether Trump meant what he advocated. The point was: what effect would he have on the American people and other nations around the world, who could revert to Nationalism? The CIA threw together a bunch of invented data about Russia influencing the election for Trump. Thoroughly in bed with the Washington Post and the NY Times, the Agency put out the word, and within a day the media echo chamber was alive with “Russia hacked the election.”
It was a typical discredit and destroy op. Delegitimize the Trump presidency. Focus on the man, not the message. Wipe out the Nationalism message by defaming the messenger.

“The cat is out of the bag. Now we have to put it back in the bag.”
Not so easy, particularly with thousands of online independent media outlets humming at full force.
Those who exclusively focus on whether Trump is a true Nationalist, a secret Globalist, or a neocon, are missing a key point. Trump woke up millions of people with his Nationalist messages. Those people are now moving outside the CIA-media nexus. They are springing from that trap.
A new sensation and feeling and thought-process is loose in the world. It was there before Trump, but he pumped it up to a full roar.
The CIA invents, every day, a world in which Globalism must win and should win. It turns its out propaganda 24/7. It thus saturates media.
It is Orwell’s Ministry of Truth.
JFK and RFK were obstacles to the forward motion of the CIA? Get them out of the way.
Trump is an impediment? At the very least, destroy his persona.
The CIA has no particular interest in who Trump “really is.” They only care about what effect he could have on the population.
After years of compliance from Obama, George W Bush, Bill Clinton, and Bush the Elder (a former CIA director), the Agency suddenly saw this swaggering cowboy appear strolling over the horizon. The Donald.
What did he think he was doing? Where did he get this Nationalism? What was going on?
Trump started right in, attacking the media. Did he know something he wasn’t supposed to know? Did he know the media were a branch of the CIA propaganda tree?
Did he know the CIA considered itself the true president of the United States?
Did he know the CIA had been carrying out a monster covert op for 70 years, pretending to be the eyes and ears for the president—but actually consolidating its stranglehold on the Oval Office and the Congress?
Was it possible Trump knew that the CIA, while claiming to forward US interests around the world, was, behind that pose, actually positioning Globalism as the ultimate international victor?
Was Trump aware that all traces of Nationalism, across the planet, were being censored and erased by major media?
Could he see that?
In his cavalier, off-the-cuff, impulsive, egoistic, boastful way, was he waking up a sleeping giant?
Was there a deep tidal wave, gathering force far out in the ocean, a wave of Nationalism, percolating, as if waiting for a signal to proceed toward many shores?
Had decades of routine lying and data-invention at the CIA made the smartest minds there complacent and inattentive?
Was the Agency about to receive a titanic blindsiding blow?
The CIA sent out the word to its many minions in the press, government, think tanks, foundations, and Globalist organizations: say anything and do anything to discredit this crazy president NOW. Don’t wait. It doesn’t matter what you accuse him of. Throw everything you’ve got at him and hope enough of it sticks. If saying he comes from Mars works, say he comes from Mars.
The CIA was caught asleep at the wheel. It had no coordinated plan to take down the fast-talking cowboy in the White House. It had to be all hands on deck and HIT IT HARD RIGHT AWAY.
“If we can take down Trump, we can take down Nationalism and restore Globalism to its rightful place.”
Is that true?
Or are thousands more people all over the world waking up every day, realizing that one global management system for humanity is the covert agenda—and that this plan is about nothing less than complete top-down control, and the decimation of life lived in freedom?
Does Nationalism, as a massive decentralization away from Globalism, come circling back to THE INDIVIDUAL, and his utter refusal to be enslaved?
Is that possible?
Because I’m here to tell you, if it is possible, then the fact of Donald Trump, in the fullness of time, doesn’t matter. What matters is the personal truth that every person knows: HIS OWN LIBERTY.
And trying to dislodge and erase THAT resistance and that hunger for freedom is more than the CIA and all its horses and all its men can achieve.
We are not Humpty-Dumpty.
They are.
And fallen, they won’t be able to put themselves back together again.
Certainly, they’ll get no help from us. 
(For more from the author of “Why the CIA, the MSM, and Other Globalists Are Committed to All out War Against Trump” please click HERE)
Follow Joe Miller on Twitter HERE and Facebook HERE.
Source:   Restoring Liberty

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Brett Kimberlin

Just when we thought the Dems couldn’t go any lower.

Former DNC Official Partnered With Convicted Bomb Maker To Investigate President Trump
by Chuck Ross
A former official with the Democratic National Committee has worked in recent months with a convicted domestic terrorist-turned-activist known as the “Speedway Bomber” to gather information on Donald Trump, The Daily Caller has learned.

That work culminated in a Washington, D.C. meeting in December between the ex-DNC operative, Alexandra Chalupa, the convicted bomber, Brett Kimberlin, and a South Africa-born Israeli man named Yoni Ariel.

Ariel, whose real name is Jonathan Schwartz, traveled to Washington, D.C. to brief Chalupa and Kimberlin on his knowledge of Russia’s activities during the campaign.

Chalupa, an activist of Ukrainian heritage who is strongly opposed to Trump, also directed Ariel to the Justice Department, sources told TheDC.

Sources also informed The DC that little came of the meetings.

Ariel’s connection to Kimberlin was first reported by BuzzFeed News last week, though Chalupa’s involvement with the bomber-activist is a new revelation.

According to BuzzFeed, Ariel flew to Rome on the third week of January to purchase a set of documents purporting to show that ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson paid Trump’s company more than $1.5 billion in June, seemingly to secure the position of secretary of state in a Trump administration.

Ariel, 60, paid $9,000 for the documents, which included copies of wire transfers and bank documents laying out a transactions involving Exxon Mobil and a Chinese mining company.

After receiving the documents from a source unnamed in its report, BuzzFeed determined that the documents were part of an elaborate hoax involving shady businessmen, Italian diplomats, Democratic operatives, Kimberlin and Ariel.

Ariel, believing that the papers were legitimate, informed Kimberlin about the documents, and the convict agreed to pay for the Israeli’s three flights to Rome to procure them. Kimberlin also paid the $9,000 asking price.

Ariel gave the documents to Kimberlin, and, according to BuzzFeed, they were pitched to numerous outlets, including Bloomberg, The Washington Post and The New York Times, by an unidentified associate of Kimberlin’s.

Chalupa is not named in the BuzzFeed report, and Ariel did not discuss the fake papers with her. Instead, Chalupa met with Ariel to discuss Russia’s involvement in cyberattacks during the presidential campaign, a topic on which she had been heavily focused for months.

Ariel was put in touch with Chalupa through an official with Democrats Abroad, a group affiliated with the DNC that organizes expatriates.

“I can neither confirm nor deny that I met with whom I met,” Ariel told TheDC in a phone interview from Israel, though two sources independently confirmed that a meeting occurred.

The Chalupa-Kimberlin connection is surprising given both her prominent position with the DNC and his status as a convicted felon. Indeed, Ariel was surprised that someone formerly with the DNC would work with him.

“I had no idea of Brett’s background until the BuzzFeed article, and when I read it I was sort of surprised,” said Ariel.

“My initial though, why the hell are the DNC people dealing with a guy like this?”

Kimberlin earned the nickname “Speedway Bomber” by setting a string of bombs in Speedway, Indiana in 1978. Though nobody died from the blasts, one Vietnam veteran had his leg amputated due to injuries suffered during one bombing. Carl DeLong, the victim, committed suicide in 1983.

Kimberlin, who is in his early 60s, served 17 years in prison for the bombing spree. He gained more notoriety in prison after he concocted a story about having once sold marijuana to then-Vice President Dan Quayle. The story was propagated by Cody Shearer, a political operative who worked for the Clintons in the 1990s. After being released from prison, Kimberlin has battled conservative activists who have drawn attention to his newfound career as a left-wing operative.

Kimberlin now works on various voters’ rights initiatives, including in Ukraine.

As for Chalupa, she has served in several roles for the DNC while also working as an pro-Ukraine activist. A former staffer in the Bill Clinton White House, Chalupa worked as executive director for Democrats Abroad in the 2000s and as head of the DNC’s national ethnic outreach group during the 2016 campaign.

Alexandra Chalupa–

In her spare time, Chalupa organized social media campaigns against Trump. One of those efforts encouraged activists to share the Twitter hashtag, #TreasonousTrump.

Chalupa, who founded the U.S. United With Ukraine Coalition in 2014, also led the DNC’s opposition research into any Trump ties to Russia, according to an essay she recently published at Medium.

Politico reported in January that Chalupa worked with the Ukrainian government to compile and disseminate research on links between Trump, his campaign advisers, and the Russian government.

To help spread that information, Chalupa relied on “a network of sources in Kiev and Washington, including investigative journalists, government officials and private intelligence operatives,” Politico reported.

One of the investigative journalists Chalupa worked with was Yahoo! News’ Michael Isikoff.

In a May 3, 2016 email released by WikiLeaks, Chalupa informed Luis Miranda, the DNC’s communications director at the time, that she had “been working with” Isikoff on stories involving Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s work in Ukraine. She also said she had invited Isikoff to a conference with dozens of Ukrainian journalists to discuss Manafort, a former consultant to Viktor Yanukovych, a former Ukrainian president allied with Vladimir Putin.

Days before Chalupa’s email, Isikoff published an in-depth report on an ill-fated business partnership between Manafort and a Russian oligarch allied with Putin named Oleg Deripaska.

In her email, Chalupa hinted to Miranda of “a big Trump component…that will hit in next few weeks.” She also claimed that she was being targeted in state-sponsored computer hacking attempts because of her research on Manafort.

According to Politico, Chalupa was paid $412,000 for consulting work from 2004 through June 2016. The last payment was made on June 20 for $25,000, records filed with the Federal Election Commission show.

Ariel first got in touch with Chalupa and Kimberlin after Trump won the election, sometime in mid-November. The Israeli noted that he had written articles asserting that Trump colluded with the Russian government to influence the election.

At the time of his first contact with Chalupa and Kimberlin, Ariel had not seen the documents that would later be debunked by BuzzFeed. The documents soon ended up in the inboxes of several news outlets, but reporters quickly determined that they were rife with errors. Names were misspelled; dates didn’t make sense; the gist of the underlying claim didn’t pass the smell test.

Ariel, who says he once worked with the the anti-apartheid African National Congress, disputed some of the BuzzFeed report. He said that the article portrayed him as the party most responsible for pushing the documents. But he told TheDC that he always had at least some doubt about the veracity of the papers. He also says that he did not send them to news outlets.

The Daily Caller

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The violence is increasing and will graduate from incidences of injury to out right death on the streets. The left is becoming ever more violent and it is only a matter of time before the blood will be shed. Their targets will not be cowed and will literally return fire should shooting erupt
It is reported in the post below that a car was rocked to the point where it alarmed local authorities. Soon, it will take more than a contingent of well armed riot police to contain the violence and out right murder at the hands of the leftist thugs. The right will fight back and all Hell will break loose. Just as Soros, etal had planned.

When America falls, the entire world may well be set afire. Then who will pick up the pieces? You guessed it–the Globalists Elites. They will be free to enact their self serving agenda.
There will be no convincing the useful idiots, the truly indoctrinated, nor the simple opportunists that they are merely pawns in the game and are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

The fuse has been placed and will soon be lit for the eruption of all out anarchy, chaos, and the death rattle of freedom. Can we stop it?
The following post is but one example of the fact that we are no longer on the edge of the abyss, we are falling into it. Are there any rocks or protrusions on the wall to grab onto so as to break our descent?  Can we climb out?
Protests have evolved into riots. Street Violence has become the norm and will increase. When the first death occurs, there will be Hell to pay.

The Southern Poverty Law Center: The Hate Group That Incited the Middlebury Melee
The SPLC, traffickers in blood libel and incitement to murder, is a hate group that the left counts on to smear, defame and destroy those who are brave enough to oppose their totalitarian agenda. This Soros-funded opposition research smear machine has now incited more violence, this time at Middlebury College.

“The Hate Group That Incited the Middlebury Melee,” by Carl M. Cannon, Real Clear Politics, March 19, 2017 (thanks to Robert):

Under different circumstances, Alabama civil rights lawyer Morris S. Dees and American Enterprise Institute scholar Charles Murray might have been colleagues, even pals. Instead, Murray found himself in a near-riot at Middlebury College after accepting a speaking invitation from Republican students at the Vermont school. Students and faculty galvanized by Dees’ political organization barred Murray from speaking. They shouted him down, chanted their own manifesto, and pulled fire alarms to prevent him from being heard.
When Murray and Middlebury professor Allison Stanger tried to leave the building, they were followed by protesters who accosted them physically. The professor was grabbed by the hair and her neck twisted—she was fitted with a neck brace at a hospital—and their car rocked in a way that alarmed local authorities.
It was another victory for opponents of free speech, and if that seems like an incongruous scalp for a civil rights lawyer to wear, well, our politics are pretty odd these days. Much more here

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