Ole’ George once again slinging his money toward the enslavement of America

police precinct burning

Is This Proof George Soros Is Funding The Riots Taking Place In America?

The following information was taken from a lengthy online forum post (unknown date & time). The author describes a movement called ‘Democracy Spring’ which is supposedly a domestic version of a colour revolution. (Note: Some of the text has been altered for spelling, grammar and context to reflect current events).

As many of you have suspected, the current push for a “Democracy Spring” is funded directly by George Soros [1] in an extreme act of escalation against Trump and US democracy. The name sounds suspiciously close to “Arab Spring,” but let’s put that one to the side for a moment.  More Here


LIST of areas currently rioting. ALL are DEMOCRAT RUN. 100%

I used the Broadcastify Top 50.
Tuned in. Listened and confirmed for some type of violence.
Once violence was confirmed, I moved to the next.

Jacob Frey
Mayor of Minneapolis, MN
Party: Democratic Party

Bill de Blasio
Mayor of New York City NY
Party: Democratic Party

Frank Cownie
Mayor of Des Moines, IA
Party: Democratic Party

Keisha Lance Bottoms
Mayor of Atlanta, GA
Party: Democratic Party

Thomas Bernabei
Mayor of Canton, OH
Party: Democratic Party

Andrew James Ginther
Mayor of Columbus, OH
Party: Democratic Party

Michael Edward Duggan
Mayor of Detroit, MI
Party: Democratic Party

Eric Johnson
Mayor of Dallas, TX
Party: Democratic Party

Greg Fischer
Mayor of Louisville, KY
Party: Democratic Party

Lori Lightfoot
Mayor of Chicago, IL
Party: Democratic Party

Bernard Young
Mayor of Baltimore, MD
Party: Democratic Party

Vi Lyles
Mayor of Charlotte, NC
Party: Democratic Party

Michael Hancock
Mayor of Denver, CO
Party: Democratic Party

Eric Garcetti
Mayor of Los Angeles, CA
Party: Democratic Party

Ted Wheeler
Mayor of Portland, OR
Party: Democratic Party

Sam Liccardo
Mayor of San Jose
Party: Democratic Party

Lovely Warren
Mayor of Rochester, NY
Party: Democratic Party

In Democrat cities you can get arrested for opening a business, but not for looting one


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