The one thing the Left has mastered—Hypocrisy!

YIKES! Barack Obama is NOT happy about video

by Frank Holmes, reporter

There are two things liberals agree on: Walls are totally immoral and unnecessary to protect average citizens. And walls are absolutely necessary to protect their own families, mansions, and fortunes.

Democrats have spent months—if not years—telling us that walls are offensive, racist, maybe even evil.

They say it’s wrong and it’s not needed to keep out gang members, terrorists, and drug dealers.

Nancy Pelosi even said any wall to protect Americans is “an immorality.”

She, Chuck Schumer, and every Democrat in Congress have shut down the government for the longest time in history instead of giving one single dollar to build a security barrier for your safety.

But try to bring illegal immigrants onto their property, and it’s a different story.

Blogger Laura Loomer ought to know—she tried.

Loomer climbed over the wall outside one of Nancy Pelosi’s many California estates with a few men she said were illegal immigrants from Guatemala.

Guess what happened? Pelosi called the cops to throw them out!

“As you can see, we just got deported off Nancy Pelosi’s lawn,” Loomer said.

Pelosi may believe in open borders for you, but she’s got a wall around her mansions…and she’s not alone.

So many open borders leftists have built walls to keep out the unwashed masses that Benny Johnson of The Daily Caller started a whole video series about it, called “Walls Across America.”

His first stop was Barack and Michelle Obama’s estate in Washington, D.C.—to see if Donald Trump told the truth about the wall outside it.

“President and Mrs. Obama built/has a ten foot Wall around their D.C. mansion/compound,” President Trump tweeted. “The U.S. needs the same thing, slightly larger version!”

So, Benny Johnson went to Obama’s neighborhood to find out—but there were so many walls, he couldn’t even get close!

“Is there a 10-foot wall in front of Obama’s house? I don’t know. Because there are like seven walls preventing me from even finding out,” he said.

“You can’t even get to the front of Obama’s house to see how big the gate is,” Johnson said.

He pointed to a security apparatus like he’d never seen, including “three to four layers of fencing – some of it iron, some of it concrete. And then you have multiple other concrete barriers going down the street.”

A Secret Service officer told Johnson if he tried to walk to the house, he’d be arrested.

The Obamas’ double-standard is so hush-hush that even the delivery people who visit the area know to keep their mouths shut… or else.s

When Johnson asked a FedEx driver about to deliver a package to the street if the Obamas had a wall around their yard, the driver yelled back, “No answer!”

Things were a little more clear-cut for the one man who is more responsible for open borders activism than anyone on planet Earth: George Soros.

Soros has given billions of dollars to groups trying to keep the Mexican border dangerously unprotected. At least three of the four groups behind last summer’s illegal immigrant caravan got their funding from George Soros, WND reported.

Soros is an open borders guy—but when Johnson went to Soros’ home in the Hamptons, he saw the biggest barrier this side of the Great Wall of China!

A wall that is 10-feet tall extends a full block in each direction around the house—with a single, locked door the only way in.

“This is the wall of Donald Trump’s dreams,” Johnson said. “That is a proper European, Medieval compound!”

A policeman showed up the minute that Johnson started his investigation, so he had to scramble away after getting the damning video footage.

“The point of this is not to troll George Soros,” Johnson said. “He’s a wealthy man. He has a family, he has a wife, he has things he wants to protect. He chooses to protect his property with a wall.”

“That’s the question for America,” Johnson said. “How do you protect the things you love?”

One reason liberals may not care about the crime and drugs illegals bring across the Mexican border is because it only kills other people—poor Americans who can’t afford to live in gated communities behind walls that even the tallest man can’t jump over.

“A friend of mine has long said that illegal immigration would screech to a halt if we settled illegals in some of our country’s less-populated sectors. Like the Hamptons…Like Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco mansion,” wrote John Hinderaker of Powerline. “Of course, America’s great and powerful take precautions to make sure that won’t happen.”

Is that hypocritical? Watch both episodes of Johnson’s series below and make up your own mind.


Frank Holmes is a reporter for The Horn News. He is a veteran journalist and an outspoken conservative that talks about the news that was in his weekly article, “On The Holmes Front.”

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