You can not make this up.

Black Student Group Loses It When They See Actual Africans on Campus

Once in a while, a story comes along that is so ironic it needs this label in bold: “Not satire.”
Liberals continue to look more like a parody every day. The progressive farce was just taken to a new level by black students at Cornell University, who are making sweeping demands after they realized that actual Africans from Africa are taking many student positions at the college.
Yes, the race-obsessed busybodies at Cornell are in a panic because there is now too much diversity.

In a letter from “Black Students United” to school administrators, the group accused the university of admitting too many people from Africa and the Caribbean, which has a large African ethnic population.
Again: Not satire.
“The Black student population at Cornell disproportionately represents international or first-generation African or Caribbean students,” claimed the hand-wringing letter.

In other words, a black advocacy group believes that admitting African students is unfair to blacks, because… er… they’re not real blacks. A young man from Mozambique knows nothing of the true black struggle in New York, you see.
“Cornell must work to actively support students whose families have been impacted for generations by white supremacy and American fascism,” the hysterical letter continued. It’s as if they simply threw social justice buzz words into a blender and pressed “On.”
Hilariously, the student group shredded the normal liberal talking points and bizarrely took an anti-immigration and noticeably nationalist stance.
“We define underrepresented Black students as Black Americans who have several generations (more than two) in this country,” the list of demands helpfully explained.

If conservative groups suggest that Americans should have preference over new immigrants from outside of the border, they’re called horrible racists and Nazis. When a liberal organization does the same thing and also adds a blatant racial definition, it’s progressive. See how the game works?
These demands by “Black Students United” make it painfully clear that their aim has nothing to do with actual racial justice.
If it were actually about race and ethnicity, the students would be cheering for as many Africans to come to the university as possible and even giving up their positions so that under-privileged immigrants from that continent could attend.
Instead, it is obvious that the student group has one objective: Self-aggrandizement.
Like all of the perpetually outraged, Black Students United have convinced themselves that they deserve special treatment under any and all circumstances.
The Cornell group is willing to argue that being born in the United States with all of its freedoms and opportunities makes them less privileged and more victimized than truly oppressed black students stepping off a boat from Africa.
This is not only a lie, but it’s also insulting to the world’s downtrodden, who would trade places with the woe-is-me students at Cornell in a heartbeat.
BSU charges make-believe fascism and vague white supremacy wherever it looks — while ironically engaging in the same type of nationalist superiority and entitlement that it claims to oppose.
The truly frustrating part of these demands is that they toss aside decades of real racial progress and unity that African-American figures worked hard to promote.
Color blindness has been replaced by an obsession with identity politics — and they are derailing the future progress of their countrymen as a result.
H/T The Libertarian Republic
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