Proof! MSM either complicit in or covering up for ANTIFA’s increasingly injurious mayhem

The following post and the very watchable 11 minute video speak for themselves. AntiFa is seditious and becoming increasingly murderous.
Even when having the truth dumped on them like a bucket of cold water, two MSM reporters move away. Guess they are just following orders. Crowder asks the obvious question at the end.

Steven Crowder infiltrates Antifa in AWESOME undercover sting video
September 29, 2017 | Frieda Powers | Print Article
Comedian and conservative commentator Steven Crowder released a video documenting an undercover operation into the leftist Antifa movement.
What happens when two guys infiltrate Antifa, live amongst them for weeks, and take part in their deeply rooted tactics of disruption and violence?” reads the caption for the more than 11-minute video.
The team of reporters has been “infiltrating this organization for a long time, hard,” Crowder explained in the introduction to the video, offering up a primer on the violence-embracing “anti-fascist” group that enjoys broad support from the left.

UNDERCOVER IN ANTIFA: Their Tactics and Media Support Exposed!

Are they really an inconsequential group of rabble-rouser?” Crowder asked of the “proactively violent” group that the media, politicians and academia “defend, deflect or completely deny.”
Undercover reporters infiltrated the group and tracked members, as they planned violent tactics and weapons to carry, including combat knives, AK-47s and more, in an effort to disrupt an event featuring Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro.The group’s willingness to engage in violence is more than clear as the video showed individuals talking about the weapons they owned, from assault rifles to shotguns and a handgun. One of the organizers handed out an ice-pick while another directed everyone to buy knives from army surplus stores.

“Antifa is in a PR battle, so what they claim and what they do is very different,” Crowder said, as undercover reporters found that the group plans and organizes behind the scenes to commit violence.
“Antifa has never operated alone. They’ve been actively supported by professors and other leftists and student organizations.” Crowder noted, citing Utah State faculty members who “encouraged and emboldened students to disrupt the Ben Shapiro event and create chaos.”
One of the “anti-fascists,” known as “Clark,” revealed that his Utah-based group directed Antifa activists to arrive in their masks and black clothing under the guise of providing “safety.”
“The difference between them and other activists groups is the willingness to respond with violence,” Clark admits in an audio recording in the video, noting that Antifa is not “one static organization,” but more of an “ideology, a movement, a stance.”
One of Crowder’s team, who ends up with activists on the Utah State campus before Shapiro’s speaking event, exits the scene as militant Antifa members try to hand him weapons to use.

Perhaps most disturbing in all of the investigation was that members of the media were not interested in what Crowder’s team uncovered, despite the fact that they shared the video evidence of the Antifa plans with police.
“The fact that the media has never reported on any of this begs the question: are they complicit in all of this,” Crowder asked in conclusion, “or do they just suck at their jobs?”

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