Former Prez just another two faced, hypocritical, self serving, greedy pol

Those who saw through the Golden One will not be surprised at all with his post presidential romance with the very fat cats he excoriated while in office. However for those who truly believed in him and still do, this development will be devastating. There are those who will remain in denial and illogically scream racism at his critics. But others will feel angry and betrayed. They literally put their faith in this poseur and worked to the bone for him.
There are new liberal reptiles, er, icons forthcoming, Bernie, Elizabeth, and Kamal to name a few. Will Democrats and leftists fall for them only to be betrayed again.
They simply must understand that there is no political Messiah as pure as the driven snow who will ascend to the Oval Office and save them, or whatever.
There is no perfect world, never has been and never will be. The Leftist cannot accept that, thus they desperately continue to seek a deliverer who will champion and create their dream world.
For all of his faults, one thing we can say about Trump, is what you see is what you get. His backpedalling is not so much a retreat from his positions as it is going for the “deal’. After all, he is a businessman and acts as such, for better or for worse.
The following post discusses Obama’s egregious betrayal of his devoted followers. Will his actions awaken them to the fact he is just another lying politician as are most? Probably not.

Obama’s BIGGEST lie revealed Sep. 18
Monday, President Barack Obama’s biggest hypocrisy was revealed to the world — and it has liberals screaming mad.
It’s so scandalous, most of the mainstream media is desperate to bury it.
“Obama is coming to Wall Street less than a year after leaving the White House, following a path that’s well trod and well paid,” Bloomberg first reported. “While he can’t run for president, he continues to be an influential voice in a party torn between celebrating and vilifying corporate power. His new work with banks might suggest which side of the debate he’ll be on and disappoint anyone expecting him to avoid a trap that snared [failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary] Clinton.”
These are some of the same hugely profitable banks that Obama helped bailout using taxpayer dollars.
The same “fat cats” he promised Americans he’s reign in are making Obama very, very rich — and it has liberals very, very mad.

Obama is just another self-interested Washington politician that doesn’t care about the little guy or justice, it turns out. He only cares about himself — and the proof is in the bigtime cash payout Wall Street bankers are lining up to give the former president.
This isn’t news to most Americans… but to his liberal supporters, it’s betrayal. All across social media, former Obama fans have been left dumbfounded by the Sep. 18 report.

According to Bloomberg, Obama is charging Wall Street bankers at Northern Trust Corp., Cantor Fitzgeral LP, and others a reported $400,000 each for a few hours with him, promising to come take pictures and give a speech to their executives.
Northern Trust, it should be noted, received $1.6 billion in taxpayer cash during the financial crisis… money they were caught using to throw extravagant parties.
Under Obama, not a single Wall Street banker was jailed for their role in the 2008 financial crisis that cost taxpayers so dearly.
Aggressively pursuing justice would have surely made enemies on Wall Street — and for Obama, that would have been bad for business.
Democrats have been eager to sweep Obama’s actions under the rug.
“No prominent elected officials weighed in — including Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the most outspoken critics of the industry on the left — a reflection of the broader shrug that has characterized the party’s attitude toward the financial sector this year,” The Washington Post said.
Could you imagine the outrage if the rest of the mainstream media was brave enough to report on Obama’s post-presidency hypocrisy?
The outrage voters would feel could cost Democrats a lot of elections in 2018.
Is it any surprise that the Democrat-friendly media isn’t talking about it, then?
— The Horn editorial team

Source:  The Horn News

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