For the sake of our collective sanity, let’s take a levity break!

Yes, this piece does hawk these T shirts, but it also reflects the inane straw grasping leftist and MSM attempts to marginalize anything positive done by either Trump or Melania.
As usual, their attempts backfired and, as this post shows, brought on a new industry for the expression of contempt and satirization.

Melania’s Shoes:

This image first appeared on another thread, Melania Trump denounced by Vogue fashion editor. Due to an overwhelming positive response on social media, we have set up T-shirts with this design for online purchase. Customers have the ability to change shirt styles and colors, but please choose the lighter ones because the grays in the picture may not work well against darker backgrounds.

Click on any of these stores.


Q: Why three online stores?

A: Our designs are often being censored and removed by corporate SJWs, so the more stores we have, the bigger the fighting chance for some of these designs to survive the SJW purges.

Q: What does this picture mean?

A: Some comments on FB and Twitter show that not everyone gets the humor. At the risk of ruining the joke by explaining it, here’s a blanket clarification.

Remember the 300 Spartans? When Xerxes, king of Persia, demanded that the Spartans surrender their weapons, King Leonidas responded, “Come and take them” (“μολὼν λαβέ” in Greek), meaning that Xerxes could only pry them from his cold, dead hands – but at a high cost to the Persian army.

Today these words have become an unofficial slogan for the defenders of the 2nd Amendment – both the Greek and the English versions.

Correction, it is Greek for come and take them. (comment mine)

In a comical twist, after the fake news media trashed Melania Trump for wearing stilettos on a flight to Texas during Hurricane Harvey, she stubbornly wore the same stilettos on her second trip, showing her spirit of a fighter. It’s as if she was saying, “In your face, fake news media! You can only pry them from my cold, dead feet!”

Q: Why are all these T-shirts made for women and none for men?

A: That’s sexist!

If one needs a good laugh, continue here for more hilarious pictures and text from the article in this satirical website

Source:   The People’s Cube

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