Has Antifa become ISIS light?

Antifa an ISIS wannabe?

Update:   Alt-Left protesters attacked police outside the Trump rally in Phoenix on Tuesday.

Antifa has become the icon of double think—actual Fascists claiming to fight Fascism. Their tactics are becoming increasingly militant and ever more intolerant and deranged.

  • Black outfits and masked faces
  • Increasingly militant
  • Attempts to erase history
  • Tearing down/defacing of historical monuments,
  • Attacking the current culture,
  • Attacking free speech
  • Committing acts of violence
  • Threatening those who do not support their cause.

JUST LIKE ISIS: Antifa Releases Propaganda Video Showing Inauguration Day Attacks

Antifa’s propaganda video looks eerily similar to recent ISIS videos, and it’s complete with the terrible music. Here’s the description from the antifa blog:
Video compilation of the days’s events at the Counter-inaugural/Disrupt J20 protests against Donald Trump. Checkpoint blockades, Alex Jones expelled, heroes rescue elder and disabled protester from police attack during Battle of K Street, limo burns, marches go on well into the night after a 7AM start. This is but the beginning of four long, hard years of utter fighting against every scrap of Trump’s racist and fascist agenda.continue

Are We Living in the Last Days of Free Speech? 

This has been a long time coming, but the war against free speech has now entered the second stage. In the wake of Charlottesville, we are seeing an astounding new development in the left’s attempts to shut down anything they consider hate speech. It involves a steady, depressing amount of propaganda that is trying to convince the country that “free speech” is a right-wing issue and that anyone who believes in uninterrupted, untrammeled First Amendment protections is a bigot who has failed to check his own privilege.
At times like these, we must be thankful for our Founders and their wisdom in crafting the Bill of Rights. Because you can bet your bottom dollar that if it wasn’t for the First Amendment and its very clear view on government’s role in protecting free speech, we would be in serious trouble. Unfortunately, the First Amendment only covers part of the equation. True, Americans have the right to go stand on a soapbox and say anything they want without worrying about prosecution. But if no one’s willing to sell you a soapbox…
And that’s how the left is winning the war on speech. They aren’t going to get the courts to side with them against the alt-right. They aren’t worried about it. All they need is to convince enough privately-run establishments – universities, websites, hosting companies, newspapers, etc. – to refuse to give those they despise a voice. By default, they have won an important battle. Yeah, you may be ALLOWED to say anything you want…but good luck finding a place to say it. (emphasis mine) continue

Universities have become ideological battle grounds.
Former Harvard College Dean Files Motion to Protect Undergraduate Students’ Right to Free Associationn-
BY: Rachel Frommer
August 22, 2017 3:05 pm

A former dean of Harvard College has filed a motion seeking to protect undergraduate students’ “right of free association,” after a faculty committee recommended earlier this summer that the school altogether ban social clubs.
Harry Lewis—a computer science professor who was formerly dean of non-academic undergraduate life—submitted a proposal Monday demanding that the school not “discipline, penalize, or otherwise sanction students for joining, or affiliating with, any lawful organization, political party, or social, political, or other affinity group.”
The move followed the release in July of a faculty committee report that recommended Harvard forbid students from joining or participating “in final clubs, fraternities or sororities, or other similar private, exclusionary social organizations.” Harvard would “take disciplinary action against students … found to be participating in such organizations.” Additionally, all the groups would be phased out by May 2022.
The committee referred to policies in place at the colleges of Amherst, Bowdoin, Middlebury, and Williams as inspiration. continue

We must remain vigilant and recognize that home grown and well financed American terrorists are at war with our nation and seek to bring it down. If we are to survive, we must derail the enemy within who serve the globalist agenda. Period

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