Finally! Some honesty about Antifa from–guess who!

AntiFa: we are an Anarcho-Communist cause, don’t call us patriots!

AntiFa finally admits what we already knew. They are a communist cause who hate America. No matter how much the liberal media like CNN tries to do puff pieces on them, they insist on not being called patriots. That’s right, the media and the left actually called these Anarcho-Communist patriots.


Let’s get one thing clear. Antifa is an Anarcho-Communist cause. Those on the left who call us “patriots”, step the FUCK away.  

12:24 PM – Aug 19, 2017

At least this AntiFa Twitter account is honest about who they truly are, unlike the media. This is where we are in the twenty first century in America. The Democrats and media are actually defending communist groups who hate this country for all it stands for. I guess Joe McCarthy was right after all.

Source:   Pacific Pundit


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