Dumbed down education system producing useful idiots

“An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”
The above quote is attributed to Thomas Jefferson and reflected his views, but the source of the actual quote is unknown.
Nonetheless, no matter who did or did not say it, it remains true.
As the post below discusses, the lack of general knowledge in all areas of learning, by most who attended secondary schools and even colleges since the early 1990s is horrifying.This includes the basic physical, biological, and social sciences, the humanities, and math.
For example, here is one for the dingbat files:
California Students No Longer Required To Be Proficient In English Or Math To Graduate.
Obviously, schools are no longer centers of learning, but rather have become a defacto arm of the government utilizing indoctrination and propaganda.
A nation of uninformed useful idiots cannot survive, which is the apparent goal of the enemies within.

Public-Schools Deliberately Graduating Illiterate Students
by DD Jolly
I understand that the education process has changed a lot since I was in public school, but from what I’ve seen and heard, the modern education process is producing generally dumbed-down, illiterate socialists and they are doing it on purpose.
When I was in public school, I knew my multiplication tables up to 15 x 15 by the end of fourth grade. I knew how to read and write cursive by third or fourth grade. By fifth grade, I had been taught the US flag code, division, fractions and decimals. We were taught how to count money and make change.
A couple years ago, I was in a store and the cashier, who I found out was a high school graduate, not only couldn’t she count the change, she didn’t have the ability to realize that two identical items had the same price. She had to call for help, even though I showed her the items were the same and she had the code for the one.
When the year changed from 1999 to 2000, a cashier at a store was so confused, she couldn’t figure out how to write the year 2000.

My own granddaughter just finished her freshman year in high school and still struggles with simple addition and subtraction. Fractions and decimals are a source of difficulty for her as well. She also has very little knowledge of real American history or geography. Talking to her, it’s obvious that she has been thoroughly indoctrinated by the schools’ socialistic brainwashing.
Jim Hudson of Fallston, Maryland (about 20 miles northeast of Baltimore), has found the same thing with his granddaughter, who recently graduated from Fallston High School. He wrote her a note in cursive and handed it to her. She glanced at, slipped it in her pocket and said she would read it later. He found out that she couldn’t read his note because she was never taught in school how to read cursive.
Hudson was appalled and spoke out at a school board meeting, telling the board:

“I am appalled that a graduate of high school in this county couldn’t read a note I wrote. You … on purpose graduated students who are illiterate.”
“I was dismayed. They are illiterate on purpose. Why are you doing it to these children?”

Typical of public school officials these days, Joseph Licata, Chief of Administration for the school district basically dismissed Hudson’s complaint, explaining that the district doesn’t require students to learn cursive, but never fully explained why. He issued the following response to Hudson’s complaint:

“We have no response to Mr. Hudson’s comments other than we are sorry he feels that way based on his experience with one graduate of our school system, but we thank him for his input.”

One comforting fact is that not all public-school educators feel the same as Licata and the Fallston schools. Kim Parsons, a counselor at a high school in West Virginia, told the media:

“When you see a 17 or 18-year-old student struggle to sign their name, it can be painful.”

There is a key reason that the modern public-school system in America is graduating illiterate kids. The dumber the general public, the easier it is to brainwash them into accepting socialism and their anti-American agenda. It also makes them more gullible to believe most of the lies and propaganda published by the anti-American mainstream media.
If you doubt this, consider who voted for Hillary Clinton and how they reacted when she lost. Younger voters were so distraught, they almost couldn’t function. Then there was a recent poll that revealed that 44% of millennials prefer socialism over capitalism. This is why the public schools are dumbing down your kids. (emphasis mine)

Source: Great American Politics

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