Dem scandals not over and may be much bigger than thought

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The swamp has been and still is far more infested with the poisonous snakes of corruption than thought possible. Even those who are aware of their existence do not know the full extent of the occupation.
Those in collusion are apparently working overtime to hide the odious reptiles supportive of their treacherous activities. Sooner or later, the heretofore mentioned denizens will be fully recognized and forced above ground.
Elected turncoat lawmakers and appointed bureaucrats will slowly be brought out into the light of truth.
What then?
Will the DC traitors from top to bottom be duly punished?

The following are but two examples of swamp behavior:

1. Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Democrat Secret Scandal – Is a Top Member of Congress Being Blackmailed?
Posted Friday, June 30, 2017 By C.M. Lopez

A strange spectacle—and possible obstruction of justice— involving former Democratic National Committee Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been kept under wraps by Congress, flying under the radar until now. A messy, tangled web of suspicious connections and incriminating allegations, the scandal has led White House aides to suspect whether a top member of Congress is being blackmailed.
Confused? Let’s take a closer look at the scandal major media is keeping quiet about.
To refresh your memory, Wasserman Schultz resigned as the DNC chairwoman in July of 2016 after WikiLeaks published 19, 252 of her emails. The emails revealed how DNC leaders conspired to undermine Senator Bernie Sanders to secure Hillary Clinton’s nomination. Wasserman Schultz was told to resign by President Obama shortly after. Now, Wasserman Schultz finds herself embroiled in another scandal, which she seems to be keeping more tight-lipped about.
In February, a group of five Congress information technology (IT) employees fell under criminal investigation for allegations of stealing equipment from over 20 member offices, and committing serious and “potentially illegal violations” of House IT policies. The “leader” of this group is Imran Awan, who has worked for Wasserman Schultz since 2005.
In May, Wasserman Schultz threatened the US Capitol Police for investigating her office. After they had retained her computer as evidence in part of the Awan investigation, Wasserman Schultz apparently threatened the Capitol Police Chief with “consequences”, claiming that the computer belonged to her.
After the investigation, Wasserman Schultz kept Awan employed by her office as an “advisor”, leaving many both perplexed and suspicious. Why would she not only refuse to fire the suspect, but protect him after he had allegedly victimized her?
As usual with Wasserman Schultz, things don’t add up. continue here

2. Eric Holder
Midnight Tweet Suggests Eric Holder See Prison in His Future
by Tiffany Layne
The Washington investigations will eventually destroy the Democrats and half of D.C.

After 8 years under the dark cloud of Obama, it’s hard to predict how many guilty parties will emerge.
Holder obviously is lying awake with the investigation on his mind. Recently, the Senate Judiciary Committee announced they will open a probe into Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s efforts to influence the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential election. Perhaps Holder’s tweet is a sort of warning aimed at Lynch. Actually, there are plenty of people he could be referring to.

As the Gateway Pundit reports:
“Fired FBI Director, James Comey is under scrutiny for admitting he gave the contents of his memos to a friend who then leaked to the press. Comey also threw Loretta Lynch under the bus when he admitted in a testimony that she directed him to refer to Hillary Clinton’s email investigation as a ‘matter’ in order to downplay the seriousness of the probe.
Acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe is also under Federal investigation for THREE different inquiries. As previously reported, Andrew McCabe is being investigated by the Office of U.S. Counsel violating the Hatch Act according to a new report by Circa News“.

Or could he be warning former NatSec Advisor, Susan Rice who has received backlash for her unmasking scandal? Rice has also just agreed to testify before a House Intel Panel in a closed-door session.
Many people find the tweet both cryptic and bizarre…
However, Representative Steve Smith was happy to weigh in with a few clarifications.
“This is sick. HSBC laundered $10 BILLION in OBVIOUS drug cartel money, Holder blocked ANY criminal charges, THEN Comey joined their BOARD?

— Rep. Steven Smith (@RepStevenSmith)June 26, 2017
Just add that to the long list of scandals….

Being Black Won’t Save His Ass
Like Obama, Holder was the first black to serve in his position. And like Obama, he was one of the worst to ever hold the position.
Further like Obama, Holder committed crime after crime against the American people. With the two highest law enforcement officers in the land being black, these two provided cover for each other.
Those days are over for both of them. There may come a point where blacks in America may demand justice in the form of prison terms for each of these frauds.
Something tells me that Holder may have many sleepless nights. And his tweet forebodes what he knows is coming. complete article

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