Do Democrats Have the Guts to Tell Obama to Shut Up and Sit Down?


by shawn

Democrats have been closing their eyes and hoping that the results of the 2016 election were just an aberration. Maybe it was caused by the Russians. Maybe it was caused by a nation of sudden white supremacists who found a kindred spirit in the evil Donald Trump. Maybe it was caused by Bernie Sanders and his populist movement in the primaries. Maybe it was just bad luck. But surely, with all of this “resistance” power overtaking the country, the Democrats’ fate would turn around and they would launch the comeback to end all comebacks in 2018.

But after four failed special elections and a number of disturbing polls, the party is beginning to point fingers at factors a little closer to home. They are beginning, in other words, to get an appetite for their own people.

First, it was Hillary Clinton. She bungled the campaign. She was a terrible candidate. It’s HER fault that we lost!

Then it was Nancy Pelosi. There were rumblings about replacing her as House minority leader in January, but the anti-Pelosi talk really heated up after the Democrats lost the Georgia race last week. That was supposed to be their big referendum on the Trump era. And so it was. It just didn’t say what they wanted it to say. And now they’re holding Pelosi responsible.

But while the Democrats may be right to blame Clinton and Pelosi for their roles in holding the party back, they shouldn’t overlook the man who is truly responsible for making Donald Trump possible: Former President Barack Obama.

And now would be the time for Democrats to realize that Obama is a huge anchor around them, because it seems the former president is getting ready to abandon his promise to stay above the fray. With a Facebook post last week blasting the Republican healthcare bill and news reports that Obama plans to start campaigning for Democrats in the fall, the time is right for the party to tell their former standard-bearer to sit down and shut up.

Of course, it’s all the same to us. We would love to see Democrats make the outlandish mistake of believing that Obama is the key to their collective future. Go ahead and try it. Your election losses thus far will look like a day in paradise compared to what’s coming. The American people have seen through the threadbare Obama mystique. He’s now associated with the lurch to the left and the stagnant economy of the last eight years. If that’s the basket where Democrats want to place their eggs, we wholeheartedly encourage them to do so.

Source:  Unfiltered Patriot



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