Beware: The unhinged walk freely among us.

They threaten our children. They have now seriously crossed a blood red line! Should they begin such a horrific “purge”, they will be met with a ferocity beyond their imagination.
Think twice Antifa, you are neither invincible nor untouchable.

Antifa fascists now calling for MURDER of white children

Typical of the left, “Antifa,” ironically enough, stands for anti-fascist. But their violence and thuggery define fascism. Now we find that these brownshirts are openly calling for mass murder. Where is the SPLC to declare them a “hate group”?
Tea Party org:

An ANTIFA anti-Trump protester forgot to toss his garbage in the trash can. The garbage was a pamphlet revealing a terrifying slogan, “The evil white race must be destroyed!”

Source:  The Geller Report

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