The Sons Of Odin

Mission statement from Sons Of Odin American FB page:
“We call on those in the ‘Sons of Odin’ viking community, with ‘Balls’ as well as a ‘Viking’ Beard’, to join our collective in a valiant quest for victory from the invasion of Islamisation and its threat to our way of life. We are preparing to defend ourselves from the invading Muslims and are forming cells to organize neighborhood watch patrols to counter the sharia patrols and help reduce the Muslim attacks on females etc! Please help by sharing our page and inviting your friends to join us, THANK YOU!
The Sons Of Odin International Collective (Sons Of Odin IC) is an independent organization’s not associated with other organizations such as Sons of Odin MC (Motor Bikers Club) or Sons of Odin AC (Auto Club) etc. However, their, members are welcome to join us if they are campaign activists.”

As in Europe, they have chapters throughout the America. Are we surprised?  When the spineless “authorities” do nothing, the citizens will eventually take matters into their own hands.
For those who have an awareness of American History, the early days of the West did have a vigilantes  who occasionally served justice and sometimes erroneously, but the Wild Wild West is largely a myth.
Unfortunately, in most of Europe, the migrant created chaos is not a myth, even though the “authorities” try to cover it up. The  truth can  be veiled for so only long. People are beyond tired of and are becoming angry with crimes committed by Muslims in the name of Allah.
Europe in now in a state of Civil War.
Islamic violence in Europe has been on the rise for several years. Here is a list from 2012 and an article from 2017 discussing the use of sexual terrorism, and the officials try desperately to cover up or make excuses in the name of tolerance.  What is it that they do not understand about the Muslim viewpoint?

Muslim Rape ‘Misunderstandings’ Come to Europe
“Europe can either have free women, bars, churches, synagogues, cartoons, free speech, pork sausage and beer. Or it can have millions of Muslim migrants and their wide-eyed toddlers.
It can’t have both. Not for long. Because there will be “misunderstandings”.
Bombs will go off, women will be raped and cartoonists murdered. And we will be told to change our behavior to avoid more of these “misunderstandings”. After each “misunderstanding”, we will lose more of our civil rights and the invaders will have more power to dictate our behavior and our way of life.
Until finally the only way to end all these “misunderstandings” will be a submission to the Islamic State. We may finally understand then, but it will be too late.
Muslim migrants don’t misunderstand our laws or values. They don’t care about them. We misunderstand theirs. And so we do our best to accommodate their contempt for our values.
It’s time that we understood this cycle of submission and showed the invaders that they  misunderstood our generosity as appeasement, our friendliness as weakness and our tolerance as surrender.
And then we can finally bring all these “misunderstandings” to an end.” more

The Sons of Odin are understandably spreading their presence. See the links below for more on the subject. Although they have apparently never actually started anything, they make their presence known. Many non-Muslims are uncomfortable with them, and many, including some police,  support them.

The Soldiers of Odin are a self-defense group which first popped up in Finland. The purpose is to defend natives from violence by the invading Third Worlders. A chapter was also organized in Canada, which led to Vice shrieking and sending low-testosterone reporters to try to “infiltrate” the group so they could whine about it online. (Instead, they ran away.)

North America:
Now, the Soldiers of Odin are apparently organizing in the United States. See Facebook page:
In Canada Controversial Soldiers of Odin group organizing in Hamilton

Europe: There are undoubtedly more chapters in Europe but the following are the well known ones:
STOP RAPING OUR WOMEN AND CHILDREN…OR ELSE: Finland’s “Soldiers Of Odin” Are Defending Citizens Against Muslim Migrant Rapists

Sons Of Odin Spreads To Norway

Sons Of Odin Lands In Sweden As Muslims Riot In Stockholm 

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