by Robby Bowling
The Practical Reality never seems to Match the Illusions or Optics, do they?  Something is always amiss & it seem’s we can’t or won’t follow the lines of disinformation too well…Too much Blather & too little Substance…
Preachers, teachers, Parents, Friends & Lovers are always QUICK to “Insinuate” or “Imply” to everyone that we should “Always Do the Right Thing!”…We should always, in the end, be “Kind & Giving” to those who have less & for that matter, always be “Kind & Giving” to those who don’t need it….It’s I guess,”KARMA” & that “Make yourself feel better thing….And let’s add to it that ‘This Retched World” has always been at WAR with something, someone including “Family Feuds, Warring Country’s, Warring Nationalities, the War between the Sexes (Straights, Homosexuals & Transsexual) & the Wars between Religions (Specifically Islam) & the WAR on POVERTY…That’s the CLASS WAR ….The Rich, the Poor, the Haves & Have Not’s, those who just FLAT OUT want MORE….
It seems to me after all these Eons & Years that the False Narrative of “What The World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet love” & “Give Peace A Chance” is not only a DISMAL FAILURE it’s just a PLOY or an EXCUSE to SHAME what Little is LEFT of the almost “Extinct or Mythical” Middle Class’s MONEY…Love doesn’t make the World Go Round….MONEY Does….Love can’t buy you Cars, Toys, Food, Mansions, Homes, Beds or Sleeping Bags…..MONEY DOES…..I mean KINDNESS is nice but it too is just a Con, a Sham & a Ploy….if I’m nice to you what does it do? Does it Feed You? Does it Pay Rent? I mean Really this thing called a “Good Attitude” is highly OVERRATED….It’s the Squealing Pig that gets FED FIRST….So this “Optical” Claim that “Feeling Good” about your Day & Life doesn’t “Cut It Anymore!”
What is the Central Message you hear from Politicians & the Megachurches (Religions) tell us? Well time after time, after time, after time while they will use the terms, Love one another or Show a little Kindness what they close the Sermon, Spiel, speech & Message with is Give Us Your Money….The Practical Reality is CONGRESS no Longer uses Love & Kindness to SELL Anything…The Focus is HATE & Fear….It’ the “New World Orders” Way to “CLOSE THE DEAL” Adopted from Strategies written by “Carl Marx ” & later “Alinsky” in the “Rules For Radicals”….Nowhere can you find the Words LOVE, KINDNESS or FELLOWSHIP written anywhere in their Writings & Teachings….To them, Chaos & Anarchy do all the Work & heavy lifting….And BELIEVE me when I tell you these Two Bastards that the LIBERALS Follow like a Messiah we NOT into Love, Kindness & Fellowship….If They wanted CHANGE or Something, They Tricked the Ignorant Fools into Giving it to Them…They did that with FEAR & HATE…..They Organized their WARS with MONEY they Conned or Stole from You & Me…They Shame you, they Blame you & they take everything you have, your dreams, your Prayers & what was left of a Life you once Loved…That’s not Kindness or Love that’s Theft…..
From my CYNICAL Perch, my observations tell me the Elite’s, The Rich, The Politicians, The Fake Leaders, False Messiahs or Faux Gods see themselves as the UNIVERSE….This Universe consists of THREE LEVELS of People….Those who are in control, those who are actually Slaves & a Permanent Parasite, Poor or Impoverished Class….The Poor are USED to Shame, Blame & spread Their HATE towards the ‘Working Class….The Working Class is Used by the Elite Politicians as a ‘Scapegoat ” for what the ULTRA-RICH ELITE’S are actually doing….This is CLASSIC Socialism….One Portion of a Population is used to SUPPORT Everyone….
In the end, we need to understand that Every Time we hear the Terms Love, Kindness, Charity, Giving, Caring & Sharing what these GOVERNMENTS are really asking for is CASH ON THE BARRELHEAD ….Money Talks…The Only thing that matters is MONEY=CONTROL=POWER for all of the Oligarchs we see & treat as Royalty, as Kings, as Queens (plenty of those too) & False Gods….But then again, “Who the Hell am I to Say,” I’m just an Old Man, past his prime with the knowledge gained by observation that this WORLD is a SHAM….It’s not like my Thoughts are shared by MANY in this land or we’d have BURNT Washington DC to the Ground with all the other Witches & Bitches….
The well-meaning Rhetoric doesn’t match the harsh reality, does it? Narcissism seems to be the only “Social Conscienceness” that’s  relevant…It’s a “I Got Mine,” Good Luck on getting Your’s World…Most of the people we deal with on a daily level are Shallow, Heartless, Spiteful, Soulless & Mean…..Mark Twain one said, “The More I’m Around People, The More I Love My Dogs,” well I think he was on to something….something Sad…
I guess there is a “Practical Reality” built into my Cynicism. I grew up on a Farm & you LEARN real Quick that if you have an “Old Mare” that is easily “Spooked” you will get “Kicked In The Balls!” Having said that it seems Americans today are to Ignorant to Understand what Should Be A GIVEN….Trust is Earned , knowledge is Learned & Wisdom (if you live long enough) is acquired

Knowledge Is Power: The Realistic Observer is a non-profit blog dedicated to bringing as much truth as possible to the readers.


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