Betrayed by the FBI?

IF true, the events in this post are very troubling to anyone who has put any faith in the FBI. The Obama administration was literally at war with the American citizenry. Some cheered his anti-American stance, others realized with horror what was really happening.
Even more appalling was the fact that nothing was ever done to remedy the acts of Obama’s lawless administration. He should have been impeached, tried in the Senate and incarcerated for his obvious treason. There are a plethora of posts on the Internet addressing that issue. Here is but one.
Hopefully, one way or another justice will be served and those not as yet aware will see the light. Only the hard core anarchists and revolutionaries will be left o fight, and it appears as though, after careful cultivation, their numbers are increasing and coming to fruition.

Obama admin FBI agent instructed Garland terrorists to “Tear up Texas.” Agent was present at the attack, watched it happen, did nothing to subdue the shooters, just drove away

by Thomas Madison
April 2, 2017
H/T Joe LaVeque
An FBI agent was present at the Garland, Texas “Draw Mohammed” contest terrorist attack. He was parked directly behind the terrorists’ car, watched the attack happen, did not intervene to stop the attack, then simply drove away. He was apprehended a short while later by Garland police.
Why was he there? Was he reporting to someone a firsthand account of the attack?Why didn’t he intervene? 

He is an FBI agent.How did he know that an attack was going down? What else did he know that he is not telling?
This stinks to High Heaven! Note the following portion of the CBS transcript Continue here
You can see the video at the following link provided it is still up. FBI/Garland attack

Source: Powdered Wig Society

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