The Insider War Against Trump Threatens America’s National Security

The intense opposition against Trump is not only in the streets and from the MSM, it is in the internal DC agencies as well. This front is a threat to our national security and must be eliminated.

As Trump stated, the real crime in General Flynn’s case was not that his conversation with the Russian ambassador was illegal–it wasn’t, but that it was illicitly leaked. However, neither the MSM nor the left appear to be concerned over the criminality of the act. They just want to destroy Trump.

The reality is that Most Voters Want Dems to Chill Out and Work With Trump.
According to a Rasmussen survey, only 29% of the Democrats want their party to fight Trump every step of the way. A resounding 63% feel that the Dems should find ways to work with him.

Well! Since when does the will of the people matter to the elites and their puppets who obediently toe the line.

Trump certainly seemed to be reaching out to them in his speech to both houses of Congress on March 1, but the ossified Congressional Dem leadership will apparently have none of it.

It has been said that the Democrat Party has been destroyed—not just by Obama, but by their own apparently unhinged members as well. Perhaps it is time for the more level headed to break free and form a more rational party that is truly concerned about America and the well being of its citizens. It would take a while to grow, but within a decade it could well marginalize a party of  the reality challenged, buttercups, and seditionists.

Here are some excerpts from a few posts that may well shed some light on as well as unearth a few heretofore possibly unknown scandalous nuggets.

If this is true, we have a serious problem:
Trump Leak Now Points To Bezos’ Hidden $600M Deal With Obama CIA To Feed Washington Post by Donna Kay
As such is the Mainstream Media today and one the American people no longer trust, and rightfully so given what is being exposed in recent years.

The majority of people do not know Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post and is now the sole owner with no editorial board or ethical review committees to oversee the actions of Bezos as a publisher, much less the courage to stand against the new “boss.”

It begs to question: How is Bezos connected to questionable intelligence leaks in recent months?…

The majority of Americans do not know ‘leaked” CIA documents to undermine a new president and administration were leaked through the Washington Post first and after Bezos took the helm of “America’s newspaper.”

Much worse and even more suspicious is the majority of the people have not been informed that Bezos landed a $600 million federal contract and by who? The CIA.

The “deal” is for a computing cloud developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It also just happens AWS services all 17 agencies within the US intelligence community.

An unholy alliance in which Bezos stands to gain many more millions by pacifying and working with the CIA through his publication The Washington Post. “Leaks” and “information” Bezos will publish without question, without proper verification and journalistic sourcing.... Entire post

Misconstruing the facts to create an atmosphere of spite and to achieve revenge?
WH Officials: Obama Holdovers Sabotaged Trump With Travel Ban Leak
BY: Sam Dorman
White House officials believe Obama administration employees attempted to sabotage President Trump by releasing an incomplete memo suggesting that Trump’s travel ban focusing on seven Muslim-majority countries contradicts government intelligence.

The Associated Press reported on Friday that a leaked Department of Homeland Security document indicated that filtering immigrants by citizenship would not likely prevent terrorists from entering the United States.

The leaked document is considered incomplete because it only includes intelligence that could be leaked to media outlets without breaking the law, according to the Washington Times.

One White House official went so far as to call the leak an act of “sabotage.” “This report was commentary. This is insurrection,” the source told the Times.

This wasn’t the first leak suspected to come from Obama administration officials attempting to undermine the Trump administration. The Washington Free Beacon reported plots by former Obama officials to attack both former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and White House advisor Sebastian Gorka.

Obama holdovers also reportedly hampered efforts to improve military readiness, according to Rep. Mac Thornberry (R., Texas), the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Obama holdovers “have been fighting against rebuilding & are still undermining agenda,” Thornberry’s office tweeted on Feb. 16. source

Attacks on Top Trump Adviser Gorka a Product of Obama Admin Holdovers, Targeted Leaks BY: Adam Kredo
Obama administration holdovers and loyalists are waging a leak-driven media campaign against a senior counter-terrorism adviser hand-picked by President Donald Trump, with the aim of undermining the Trump administration’s national security apparatus, according to multiple senior White House officials and sources close to the administration.

Sebastian Gorka, a longtime national security expert profiled by senior editor Bill Gertz in today’s Free Beacon, has been the subject of multiple leaks and negative stories portraying him as a bigot as part of a campaign similar to the one that brought down former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Senior White House officials dismissed the media narratives and said Gorka is well liked and respected by Trump’s innermost crowd. Several of these sources would only speak on background because they were not authorized to discuss internal White House workings. They also expressed growing concern about leaks from within the administration that are aimed at undermining Trump’s senior advisers.

The media’s focus on Gorka comes on the heels of a similar situation in which Obama administration holdovers and loyalists targeted Flynn by planting selective leaks of classified information in newspapers across the country. The Free Beacon first disclosed this effort a day after Flynn was forced to resign.

More perfidy:
Intelligence Chairman on Leaks: “Major Crimes Committed” By shawn
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Ca) rejected reports that say the intelligence community has evidence of Trump campaign officials communicating with Russian operatives during the election. Nunes said Monday that he was not privy to anything of that nature, though he did leave open the possibility that such evidence existed.

“As of right now, I don’t have any evidence of any phone calls,” he said. “It doesn’t mean they don’t exist. What I’ve been told by many folks is that there’s nothing there.”…

Nunes insisted that while it was important for Congress to investigate Russia’s cyberattacks on the DNC, it was just as important to identify and prosecute those individuals within the government who were leaking classified information to the media.

“There’s been major crimes committed,” Nunes said. “What I’m concerned about is no one focusing on major leaks that have occurred here. We can’t run a government like this. A government can’t function with massive leaks at the highest level.”….

And in today’s political climate, where journalists no longer have any sense of what they should and shouldn’t publish, it could be especially dangerous to our national security. Government transparency is a good thing; an endless stream of semi-true, sensitive stories from anonymous sources is not. No presidency can survive this constant wall of outrageous attacks, and it’s high time the Democrats recognize that their myth-making about Trump is more destructive to our democracy than anything Trump has ever done.
entire post

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