Swedish Muslim Problem: Denial vs The Truth

February 20, 2017 Rinkeby district in Stockholm, Sweden

Never let it be said that people can learn from the mistakes of others. Soft Jihad is deadlier than the violent form because it is soothing, reassuring, and undetectable until a certain infiltration point is reached.

Unfortunately, the Western mind has difficulty in coping with the fact that Islamism is a militant ideology cloaked in religion. It may not have started out that way, but Islamists believe in and work for the Caliphate.

Here is an excellent discussion of the Quran of Mecca and the Quran of Medina and the difference between the two. It will either clarify or further confuse the reader as to how they can be reconciled.

And yes, migrants in Sweden unwittingly came to Trump’s rescue regarding his statements on the “difficulties” they are presenting to that nation. videos.

The following are excerpts from the highlighted posts. Some contain videos and all contain links expanding on their subject.

Sweden’s PM Condemns Trump For ‘Migrant Violence’ CLAIM
Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, held a press conference and shot back at President Trump for his remarks regarding the Scandanavian country.
Löfven denied that there were problems due to mass immigration and lack of integration, and leveled a shot directed at President Trump chastising him to ensure that he is ‘using facts correctly’ and ‘verifying information’.
Watch the Swedish Prime Minister denial just hours before the riots broke out here

Right on cue! Immigrant riots break out in Sweden  Ann Corcoran  gives an excellent discussion as to the ongoing reality that is now Sweden.

The clashes come days after US President Donald Trump suggested that immigrants in Sweden were to blame for an increase in crime across the country.

In recent years, Sweden has taken in more refugees per capita than any other European country, which has fueled tensions and caused a rise in anti-immigrant sentiment.

In 2013, large scale riots flared for a week in the Swedish capital, with gangs setting fire to schools and a police station.

In 2015, more than 160,000 people — many from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan — arrived in Sweden seeking asylum.
The country granted asylum to 101,025 refugees — about 1% of the total population — from 2012 to 2015.

More with a link at the end with the entire Swedish archive and one on Europe on the subject.

Tucker Carlson Interviewed film maker Ami Horowitz who defended his film on the matter.
It turns out, Trump was basing his claims on a segment from the Tucker Carlson show in which filmmaker Ami Horowitz described a documentary project on the subject. Ami returned to the show last night and after Tucker replayed the clip, Horowitz backed up his project with numbers directly from the Swedish government.

“Between 2012 and 2016 the murder rate [in Sweden] is up almost 70 percent,” Horowitz told “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” citing the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention. “Rape between 2007 and 2015 is up a similar number, almost 70 percent. These are their statistics, not my statistics.”

Later in the program, Tucker spoke with Anne-Sophie Naslund, the U.S. correspondent for the Swedish newspaper “Expressen” about the fact that in Sweden, people can face investigation and even jail for saying the wrong thing.

Muslim Group Meets with U.S. 100 Congressmen  discusses the following:
What should worry Americans is that 100 Congressmen would listen to yet another Muslim group when the entire world has been battling Islamic terror groups non-stop for more than 15 years!

It’s been said before of this particular group of Muslims:

These “moderate” Muslims smear, defame and attack counter jihadists…They provide essential cover for the global jihad.

The VOA propaganda piece indicates that continues to be true.
As we’ve noted before, there are only about 15,000 Ahmadiyya Muslims in the U.S. yet they have their own Muslim caucus on Capitol Hill. Note the members come election time. 

Vigilance with awareness is our only defense. Employ both.

Knowledge is power. The Realistic Observer is a non-partisan, non-profit blog dedicated to keeping our readers as informed as possible.

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