Patriots Take Heart: We Outnumber The Seditious Totalitarians


A cancer has metastasized throughout the leftist psyche and there is no cure. In addition to violent “protests”, false accusations, and the Soros funded “clueless believers”, the true totalitarians are now targeting GOP town halls for the sole purpose of creating havoc so that the elected officials cannot communicate with their constituents.

The continued traffic blocking, and other forms of disruption are designed to give the impression that the entire nation is against Trump. The truth is far from it. The majority of Americans have had it with and lost all tolerance for the leftist, PC, Orwellian world into which they have been thrust.

The dictatorial left’s primary tool is the inculcation of intolerance and hate into group think. Those liberals who might question what is happening will not be tolerated and are branded as traitors or as being  clueless. Here is a list of former Liberals who saw what was happening to the Democrat Party and to true Liberalism in general and chose to move toward  Conservatism. This list also includes some who were actually Communist in belief, but awakened to the reality of its true nature.

Here is a Yiannopoulos experience for a gay liberal driven to the right:
Chadwick Moore, a 33-year-old journalist who lives in Williamsburg, had been a lifelong liberal. Then, last September, he penned a profile for Out magazine of Milo Yiannopoulos — a controversial and outspoken critic of feminism, Muslims and gay rights (despite being openly gay himself). Although the Out story didn’t take a positive stance — or any stance — on Yiannopoulos, Moore found himself pilloried by fellow Democrats and ostracized by longtime friends.

Moore tells his story in the NY Post (below) — including why the backlash drove him to the right.

This man’s experience is emblematic of the goose-stepping, vicious left-wing totalitarians. Those of us with guts and spine to take a stand against the authoritarians are acutely aware of the campaign of destruction against anyone who dares go off the reservation, but for liberals who wake up to this — it’s seismic. It gives us a window into how the authoritarians that went before — brownshirts, blackshirts, nazis, communists — imposed their twisted will on once free societies. More

This man was lauded by the star struck American left .

Image result for images of useful idiots
Joseph Stalin, American Idol?

There is no shortage of clueless useful idiots ready to be bought and sold in order to present an impressive body count at various scheduled events.

They can be dangerous in their ignorance. They have continually ignored the grief and misery that their flawed belief system has inflicted upon the millions of people tortured, murdered, and condemned to live in Hell by their totalitarian masters.

Here is a condensed read of such events. For those who wish to study the issue in more depth, go here.

The latest development:

Democrats who used to work on Capitol Hill are helping to disrupt Republican lawmakers’ town hall meetings across the country through a nationwide effort to oppose and “resist” President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Indivisible is ultraslick leftist astroturf activism at its finest,” @Vadum says.

They call their group Indivisible Guide, a name that came from an actual guide posted online telling activists how to pressure members of Congress. Among topics: what to say when going to town halls and calling or visiting a member’s office.

Leaders of the organization have loose ties to George Soros, the billionaire hedge fund manager who bankrolls liberal causes, according to the Capital Research Center, a conservative think tank that investigates nonprofits.

However, in an email Friday to The Daily Signal, board members of Indivisible Guide denied financial backing from Soros…

The Capital Research Center argues that Indivisible Guide’s board has indirect ties with left-leaning groups funded by Soros, as well as with other liberal organizations.

“Indivisible is ultraslick leftist astroturf activism at its finest,” Matthew Vadum, senior vice president at the Capital Research Center, told The Daily Signal in an email. “At least three of the group’s five principals—Ezra Levin, Leah Greenberg, and Angel Padilla—have ties to organizations funded by George Soros. Indivisible is apparently not yet a nonprofit, but plans are in the works to register it as a nonprofit.” more

The oppressors of freedom are hard at work using liberalism as a cover:
Communist Party Admits Infiltration & Takeover of Democratic Party!
Communist Party USA boss John Bachtell boasted in a recent column that his Marxist-Leninist organization, a tentacle of the Soviet regime in America for decades, “utilizes” the increasingly radical Democratic Party to advance its totalitarian objectives in the United States. Writing in the Communist Party propaganda mouthpiece People’s World, Bachtell suggested that, eventually, a “radical third party” would become a viable option to advance communism in America. However, for now, he argued, fending off what he calls the “ultra-right” — essentially anyone to the right of Obama, whom American communists openly backed in both elections — requires the CPUSA to continue utilizing the Democrat Party as a “vehicle.” More

Many who cherish freedom, are beginning to fully understand what is happening as well as the evolution of News Speak (fake news) and its intended effect. Patriots who believe in and support the Constitution cannot allow the enemy within to create despair and a sense of being overwhelmed. The 2016 election proved that working and middle class Americans are the majority and must continue to wield their influence and power. The fight will be long and hard, but freedom, like anything worthwhile is well worth the fight.

Knowledge is power. The Realistic Observer is a non-partisan, non-profit blog dedicated to keeping our readers as informed as possible.


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