Dystopia On The Horizon?


Police officers patrol the perimeter at the scene of a fatal shooting in Vila Velha, Espirito Santo, Brazil

Is this our future? Will we eventually become a third world nation?

As a Reuters report recounts, soldiers patrolled abandoned streets in downtown Vitoria, stopping and frisking the occasional pedestrian against shuttered store fronts. State officials said they needed hundreds more federal troops and members of an elite federal police force to help establish order and make up for the absence of some 1,800 state police who normally patrol Vitoria’s metropolitan area.

In America:
Politicians Are Now Making Plans In Case The Public Turns Against Them Violently
As protests continue to break out all around the nation over President Donald Trump’s desire to scrap Obamacare, Politico reported Tuesday that many politicians are beginning to worry about their own personal safety — to the point where some are having private sessions to discuss the matter.

Citing sources who were in the room, Politico writes:
House Republicans during a closed-door meeting Tuesday discussed how to protect themselves and their staffs from protesters storming town halls and offices in opposition to repealing Obamacare.

Some of the suggestions, the news outlet reports, include “having a physical exit strategy at town halls, or a backdoor at congressional offices to slip out of, in case demonstrations turn violent; having local police monitor town halls; replacing any glass office-door entrances with heavy doors and deadbolts; and setting up intercoms to ensure those entering congressional offices are there for appointments, not to cause chaos.”

While protests are popping up all over, the Republicans’ private session was no doubt prompted by events that happened over the weekend. While speaking before a raucous crowd in Roseville, California, Representative Tom McClintock had to be escorted from the stage and away from the event by local police officers.

McClintock, who held town hall meetings during the politically volatile days of both the Tea Party and Occupy movements, told The Hill he’s never seen anything like it:

This was something very different. After an hour, the incident commander for the Roseville Police Department advised us the situation was deteriorating and felt it necessary to get me out of the venue. That’s never happened before. More

Swarming crowds and hostile questions are the new normal at GOP town halls
MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — Republicans in deep-red congressional districts spent the week navigating massive crowds and hostile questions at their town hall meetings — an early indication of how progressive opposition movements are mobilizing against the agenda of the GOP and President Trump.  More

Betsy deVoss was nearly knocked down by protesters blocking her entry to a Washington D. C. Middle School.
The president of one of the nation’s largest teachers’ unions is condemning those protesters who attempted to block Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos from entering a Washington, D.C. public school she was scheduled to visit on Friday.

Just heard a protester blocked & almost knocked Secy @BetsyDeVos down at Jefferson.We don’t condone such acts.We want her to go to pub schls

— Randi Weingarten (@rweingarten) February 10, 2017

“We don’t condone such acts,” tweeted Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union. “We want her to go to pub schls.” More

Threatening left-wing mob gathering outside of Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky home
Civil war is coming. It’s just a shot away. They lost the last one and they are going for it again. The left-wing primitives have been inciting and agitating for war.

According to photos released by Huffington Post’s Front Page Editor Phil Lewis, a large crowd has gathered outside of Mitch McConnell’s home in Louisville, Kentucky.

The crowd is reportedly reading the letter Coretta Scott King wrote about now Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
Right now, there are about 200 protestors outside of Mitch McConnell’s house in Louisville. Reading Coretta Scott King’s letter. pic.twitter.com/sepuhDcohh

— Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) February 11, 2017

One twitter user named Nathaniel Gardner captured video of the crowd reportedly 200 strong, repeating the words of explanation concerning Warren’s dismissal from the podium.
About 200 demonstrators Louisville Ky #LetterToMitch rally crowd still growing pic.twitter.com/spirOhFPLE

— Nathaniel Gardner (@tkdcoach) February 11, 2017

Much has been written as to just who and what these demonstrators/protester/rioters  truly represent and who is behind them. They are not just disgruntled Hillary supporters. They are a well organized collection of groups funded by a resolute and most dangerous enemy within. Let us all pray that events will not lead to blood in the streets, but it may well come to that.  It may be a long and exhausting battle. Be Prepared!

The Spartans lost at  Thermopolae because they were allegedly betrayed by an enemy within. However, even if they had not have been sabotaged, they were out woefully numbered. They did manage to buy time for the rest of Greece. Their bravery, tenacity, and willingness to die became an everlasting legend in the annals of history. We may well need the Spartan spirit.

Source: Realistic Observer


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