Incompetence or Treachery

When evaluating the Selected One’s performance over the past year, at various stages many started asking themselves, “Is he just plain stupid, or is he out to destroy us?”

His decisions to push through bankrupting programs that the majority of the people do not want, his foot dragging over the Afghan troop request, his utter abdication of all sense of duty over the oil blow out as well as other events too numerous to mention here lead one to believe that it is either one or the other.

Those who believe he is out to destroy us and hand us over to the NWO, or whom ever, cite his actions coupled with his total concealment of his back ground and all documents pertaining to any schooling or jobs which he may have held. He has spent over $1,000.000 to maintain this secrecy.  Combined with what is known about him and the nature of his his “shadow government” these actions certainly do feed into these ideas.

Ironically, many of his “defenders” are now  claiming that he is just incompetent, distant, arrogant, inexperienced, or whatever else they can come up with. Yes the left is beginning to turn against him on several issues, i.e. the environment, Afghan War, etc. Even the WaPo and NYT publish an occasional critical piece.

I find myself waffling between these two indictments of his behavior. Let us say that he is just incompetent. Can there be such a thing as incompetence to the point of treachery. Is there no one around him to reel him in and say “Mr. President, here’s what needs to be done.”

Ok, let us now go for treacherous. Just about everything that he has done appears to border on just that. Via Cap & Trade under its various names, he has declared war on small business, destroyed our health care system (which was not as broken as we were being told it was), threatened the first & second amendments, and made this nation appear to be utterly impotent upon the world stage. He appears to be so obvious in his intentions as to be– incompetent?–  in veiling his true motives.

So, which is he?  Hmmm, maybe he is both.


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